Thursday, November 13, 2008

The japs invaded my dream!!!

Date : 13th November 2008
Time : 10.19AM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Room - MC

Man.... supposed to wake up at 7AM to do my work. =.=! But I was waaaaaaay to exhausted.

I had such a weird and panicky dream last night. It started off with me in this market place cum college ground or something. It was very busy and kinda happening. I remembered meeting Xue Fa there. (Yes I know... So random kan? She's my primary school mate) And Xue Fa told me that her bro's studying engineering in Lim Kok Wing. Then after that, Ah Fatt (My junior in TOA) came over and passed me a drink or something. Then suddenly the whole crowd started partying. Melissa Lua (My classmate in Secondary school) then dragged me and wanted to bring me up a truck. Apparently they're going to have a rave party. And I can't drink. SO I declined but she was pushing and all. SO I said, "I can't drink ok. I will get heart seizure!" (True experience from Uncle Kian Boon's house). Then she said it's nonsense la. So we were struggling for a while and suddenly somebody pushed me down to a table filled with tomatoes I think and that person said, "Hide!". I was taken by surprise and out of a sudden, the Jap military from WWII came running down. And one of them looked and me and said, "So stupid. Such shallow box you think you can hide?" and dragged me out. (Just for side information: Wei! I did not hide ok?? Someone pushed me la! Stupid mangkuk...) Then he pushed me to the cornr with Melissa. And then I saw Danny (My TOA my Bro's classmate) beside me. And he was pretty calm la. But I was all panicky d. Then I saw this super huge and fat guy, you know, like Rikishi from WWE?? And he just came and purposely pressed himself on us. My goodness. And I dunnoe what happened after that. I think someone kicked his leg and he fell. Then the soldier pulled me out of the line and put me in another line where I met Dee (My current MM classmate). I was crying and crying because I couldn't find my brother, Richard. I was so worried. And Dee said something weird... "People that get into accident can end up in the hospital for 20 years and still look ok. But crying like this and look old, forever you won't look ok...". 0.o! But I continued crying like dunnoe what. Then dunnoe how I ran away and went into a big house. Apparently my bro's home. And he hasn't heard of the troop yet. And you know who's my bro?? Roger Kwok Chun On. That guy who played Ah Wong in the TVB series. =.=!

He has a wife and his wife can speak Indonesian. And when she spoke in Indonesian to their kid, my "bro" said, "I don't like it when you speak Malay in Indonesian. I see the way you flirt with the men in the market. They like Indonesian girls. Why can't you be like me and be proud to use Malaysian language?" =____-!! And then I tried to tell him about the Japs but he didn't wanna listen. Then I looked in the mirror and I saw my bloodshot eyes. I cried so much that some parts of my eye white area was...a bit torn. Ok, things started to get pretty gory here. Since my "bro" doesn't wanna believe me, I showed him a video of what the Japs were doing. (I have no idea how I got it). And in the video, we saw 2 Jap soldier barging into the room (EXACTLY like 007 QOS scene... I watched it yesterday) and started fighting with another guy. Then jumped to another video where everyone was dead except for one guy with a chainsaw.... And he started sawing randomly at the dead bodies. ( I have a feeling this one came from reading Ah Bonk's blog). It was a bit grosteque la. Then suddenly behind me, I heard Zheng (My housemate) said, "Ahahaha! Simply saw. Later ter-saw his own leg only he knows. Hahaha!" 0.o!

The end. And I woke up after snoozing for the tenth time. Amazing how after each snoozing I can still continue my dream. So random right?? You see how many different people in my dream? Man... Anyway, 007 Quantum of Solace was alright. I prefer Casino Royale. Opening credit was ok only la. We MM students, when we saw the first bullet in Motion Graphic, we went, "wowwww~!". But after a while, I lose interest. I didn't like it. Casino Royale was nicer in Opening credit. But this QOS was filled with actions and dangerous scenes. I enjoyed it a lot. Not to mention there's the actor that I really like in Diving Bell and Butterfly. Swoon~! Mathieu Amalrig (Dominic Greene). Ok I like weird guys. And I really like Mads Mikkelsen who acted as Le Chiffre in Casino Royale. I melted in my seat like a cheese in the cinema last night. Anyway, it was a good movie. I just feel that the storyline was a little left hanging though.

After the movie, we (Tan, Sel, Chris, Abdullah, Zheng, Zaf and I) went to Subaidah for supper. We actually stayed there and watched a Thai movie with extreme twist of storyline for almost one hour. My goodness... That movie was so funny la. The way they twisted every single incident. -.=! And Abdullah tried to scare us by suddenly making a loud noise. It ended up very funny. I couldn't stop laughing. Ahahahaha... Anyway, the movie was called Loveaholic. +.+ What a name.... But I love his house~! So nice ok? Anyway, here's the trailer. Darn punya lawak this movie.

Anyway, I gtg work on my missing FLA already. Ta~! Click the egg~!! (It's the post before this) Rememberrrrr...


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