Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dressing in my bro's clothes

Date : 11th November 2008
Time : 2.57PM
Listening to : Neighbor drilling wall. =.=!
Where : Room - MC

Waaaa... I can't believe I actually took up Tanyus' and Selvia's challenge to dress up in my bro's (Richard) clothes today. My goodness... It was hilarious. Chris was taken by surprised. She came into the class and exclaimed, "Shit!" and then went back out again. Lol. It's weird maaaaan... And Dee said I looked so tomboy-ish and Chris said I looked like I'm stuck somewhere between the 50's to 70's ( I dunnoe why she said that) and also I look like a lesbian. =.=! Yea yea...Like Dee's friend hasn't voice out his suspicion over my gender preference last term. I am straight la ok? See??? I like James McAvoy. That's very straight I tell you. This photo was taken yesterday. I looked like McD delivery boy man. And his trousers are sooooooooooooooo comfy!!! And yes, he has small waste line... Make me feel like I'm bigger... WHich is prob true anyway. Hahahahah! Today I decided to forego the cap and pouch. Fuh...

Saw this egg in Tanyus' blog. Hers was blue. So I decided to get one myself. Eheheeheh... Click the eggg to help it hatch. Left only 7 days. The more you click, the higher chance it'll hatch. If not, the dragon baby will die. Save my baby dragon~! Puleeeeeeeeessseeeeeeeeee..... Click the eggie~! If it's hatched, I will let you guys be the godmoter/father. LOL!

Adopt one today!

Anyway, have to go catch some sleep now. Ta~!



cluelessfreak said...

u takda shoulder la

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