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Our Port Dickson Trip

Date : 5th November 2008
Time : 9.47PM
Listening to : My Washing Machine
Where : Room - MC

This post was delayed for almost a week d. But before I get started, I wanna say...


Actually belated la. Cos now 5th of November d. And another shout out to Ee Hoong.


Anyway... I haven't been updating this blog cos' it had been a very very hectic week. I shall start my very very long post now. No worries. I have pictures to give ur eyes some breaks in between.

Well, I didn't mention in my previous posts that my class and I planned a trip to Port Dickson last week. It was 3 weeks ago when Tanyus pulled all 6 of us into a chatroom and said, "Let's have a barbeque~!" and followed by Selvia, "Let's do at the pantai~!". Very random. I know. Then I think Dee suggested Port Dickson and I came up with the accomodation suggestion. As usual, the trip was then not discussed until 2 weeks ago. I checked out the location earlier on. I suggested Desa Lagoon Residence, a place I've been staying every time my family goes to PD. It's the cheapest and it's very nice and clean for such a price. RM250. Beautiful chalet. So we did some job distribution.

Tanyus & Dee = Food Planning
Chris = Transportation (Duh~!)
Wahyu & Selvia = Apparently supposed to plan activities but ended up being photographer
Chen = Accomodation and sleeping arrangement.

It was so random when we decided to the date that we wanted to go. Initially I proposed this week. But Chris and Dee has video shooting to do. So we said, "Next week then!". That's how I ended up calling Desa Lagoon minutes later. And we had our room booked.

It was a freakin busy week. When I say busy, I mean really really busy. Especially for us ADM students cos we have Saturday class with Musa. And we haven't done our weekly assignment and project yet. Ahem! Anyway, on Wednesday, after our night class with Vincent (I seriously adore his teaching. Such funny guy), all of us except for Chris went to Jusco for the food shopping. And it was fun. Really fun. I totally tortured each and everyone of them with my silly antics on my cardboard gun. Wahyu kena tarik-ed there la obviously. And he had to push the trolley. Lol! Our budget was RM100 per person. We allocated RM200 for the food. Accomodation+ BBQ pit amounted to RM320. So left RM80 for the toll and fuel. Obviously not enough. We overshot our budget by RM25. Still okay I guess.

Anyway, since the 3 days before that we didn't have proper sleep, we were literally behaving like a zombie when we finished shopping. Dee was in charge of marinating the black pepper chicken kebab. I did the lamb marinating to roll up with asparagus and mushrooms. Sel helped me with it. Tan did the sweet corn. It was as hard as wood. We actually reached home at around 11PM I think. So freakin tired. The 2 girls went back to bath first. After my bath, I did the children ministry's stuff. When they came, we started preparing the stuff. We tested the lamb with asparagus and mushroom and it was... heavenly. Maybe we were hungry like crap la ok. LOL. Anyway, they went home at 1AM. I packed my stuff and then settled down to read The Glass Palace until 3AM. We were to wake up at 6AM to prepare actually. And I was to fetch Wahyu from his place at 6.45AM.

So I woke up at 6.15AM and I sms-ed everyone except Chris (She will wake up by herself). I said, "Everybody wake up!!! Please miscall me in 10 minutes or you shall receive a marathon of phone calls". Then I napped back. Lol. But I was very conscious of my time. And only dee replied saying "Please don't call me! I accidentally woke up. Sms me when you guys reaching Sentral." The rest... was silence. So I called Wahyu and he just woke up. And Tan and Sel woke up at 6.30mAM. We were pretty late cos when I fetched Wahyu, the morning traffic just started. So we went to the station at 7.30AM. Took the 2nd train cos the first was freakin full. It was a funny train ride cos of the conversation we had. Adakah patut maksud bercinta = having sex? And bersetubuhan is an old language??? Mak jaaaaangggggggggggggggg~!

We reached Sentral pretty early. At around 8.15AM. Chris and Dee were to reach at 9AM. So 4 of us had our breakfast at McD. Sedap... We didn't have to wait for long for the other 2. It wasn't such a long trip. But that 3 fellas, Tan, Sel and Dee camwhored kao in the Vitara ok?? Larat betul diorang ni. Perr... Anywho... The chalet was as nice as before. Maybe need a fresh coat of paint but good enough.

Chalet View

The beach is not superbly nice but clean enough to say, "Wow... it's the straits of Malacca...0.o!". Lol. We started our holiday with a PS2 fighting game. Indonesian Vs. Malaysian. It was quite accidental that we grouped this way. We won!!! Malaysian 6 and Indonesian 2. Woohoo~! I even invented a Loser dance. Loser~! Lol. then Tan and I took a stroll down at the beach there. Not bad...

Then I wanted to start on my ADM. So potong stim right. But after that Sel came into the room and Dee also. The start lah our poser poser shots tu. And my fav shot will be Tan as the isteri yang tua, Dee as isteri muda and me as the suami yang gatal. See the picture and you'll know how pervert-ish I look with the fake cigarette. Hahaha...

Baby tua...

The pervert-ish face

Then we all went out for lunch in this very yellow place. Hahaha... Then we went to the mini-mart to get drinks and pengepit. Then all 4 of us (Dee, Tan, Sel and I) had a nap. Dee woke up first then me and then sel. Tan tidor still. The 3 of us prepared the kebab. So colorful~! I very likey! And Chris and Wahyu played God of War dengan hati yang sungguh senang... in the name of research. =.+! Homework yang bagus. Hahaha!

Our Food~!

After Tan woke up, all of us changed to our shorts and shirt. Went to the beach and bergambaran. We did so many stupid things. Rephrase... I did so many stupid things. The worst one is that stupid idiotic lala pose that I will definately NOT post up in this blog. Oh my goodness. I tell you, I dunnoe what got into my head. I'm gonna bite that 2 fingers off. And then we have me as Daniel Craig trying to reenact James Bond scene when he came out of the water and walked up to the gf on the beach. Tan was my sidekick. Lol! Then many many silly jumping pose and also Selvia's slow motion run captured in video.

Attempts to throw Tan in the sea

Nice shots by Chris

Random shots on the beach

James Bond reenaction

By the sea...

Jump shots by Wahyu

The "perfect" jump by Chris

Then we saw the hotel staff preparing the BBQ pit, we went back to the chalet to prepare. It was a very nice sunset. Chris, Tan and I were busy jaga-ing the food. And the other 3 trying to capture the "moment" where purple and orange clashes. Beautiful.

Love the Lomo effect feel...

And the food was fantastic. The kebab was a hit. Too bad the cheese melted unto the pit. The lamb one was nice too. I think I might just do it again one of these days. The corn were so sweeeeeeeeeeeeeet. Oh, sedap betul. But tiba-tiba blacked out... 3 times sammo... Perrr..So dark ok... And the cats were very attracted to our food. They were so clean la. And oh... I don't like the chicken wings. Cos it was marinated by the Jusco ppl. =.=! I took only... one small chunk of meat.

You can see from Tan's face the kesedapan kebab kitorang..Hahaha!

Group shots

Posing with our cupcakes!

At around 8PM, Dee and I went to get the cupcakes from the chalet. We celebrated Chris' birthday there. Dunnoe if it came as a surprise or not. But the cupcakes so nice lah. Ehehehehe.... We had a great time eating and laughing. Forced Wahyu to act like a girl. Lol.

The cupcakes

We went back to the chalet shortly before 9PM. I did my Quiet Time and then joined them at the hall for a TV session. We watched a model competition show. And then at around 11PM, the ADM students started our work. I switched on my extremely serious mode.... (You don't want to see me in this mode). Chris and Dee played Guitar Hero. Then tetiba, at around 2.45AM... Poof! My computer shut down. Sweat. I was programming half way lor.... But sudah lah. After that Chris and I went to bed. We were too old d I guess. The rest of them slept at 6AM. I woke up at 8.15AM like that and washed the dishes up and prepared the breakfast. Banyak la we bought. But anyway, after breakfast... Wahyu and I helped Selvia with her No Smoking motion graphic. Had to pose with the cigarette and all. So lawak. And I showed her how my father smokes and she laughed like crazy. =.=!

Our smoking punya muka...Lawak man...

We left the chalet at around 12.30PM. Then we made a stop at a public beach. It was low tide. And it was really nice...except for the brown murky water. But the sky was nice. And Chris went so far that she reached a small island of sand. Took quite a number of photos there.

In the car...On da way home...


The Girls

I like these 2 shots. Had the idea when I remembered one photo my sis took. ^^

Girls in MM68

I love the bottom shot. Snapped while they weren't looking:)

Try to find Chris... XP

Ooh... Satu-satunya model lelaki...

Then we went back to KL. Reached Taipan area. Ate at Strawberry Field. Nice nice... 3rd time there. Then reached home at around 3PM. Bathed and slept. Then woke up, did some work and attended Bible Study with Uncle Thiran. then came back home and worked till morning... Napped a while then went to class at 9.15AM.

I almost died of fatique. Cos after class, I came back home, packed up and followed parents back to Malacca. I had to cos Livia leaving on the 12th to NZ. I can't go back this week. So I went back last week. But will update about it asap about our outing together. Then Sunday, I did my storyboard for Motion Graphic till 8AM. 10.15AM I woke up to travel back to KL. And guess what... I forgot to bring my hard disk to school. Left it in Mentari when I unpacked. Aaaargh!!! So geram. Then after class at around 7PM, we reached home. I cleared some stuff and then Tan came over for our Design Method assignment. Things didn't look good the week before. So we had quite some things to change. I did the interface. Tan did the furniture preparations. Slept at around 5AM. Then went to school at 8.30AM. Feedback was good...only after waiting for one hour. =.=! Then went back home and slept from 5PM to 12AM. Worked from 1 AM to 2PM on 3D project. Then Joanne Kok, my MGD lecturer called me to inform me bout Kenny's leave. So class cancelled today. Alamak... Nemind la. So we went to Vincent's class at 7PM today. So that's basically summed up my weeklong activities. Livia's one later k?

Anyway, we all agreed that we should have more trips together BUT never...never attempt it during midterm or end term. We will .... Kantoi...

Ok..This took longer than I thought cos I had to edit the photos. Anyway, Gtg now. Ta~!

[12.26AM] <--- Almost 3 hours sial!

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