Monday, March 05, 2007

I was embarrassed....

Date : 5th March 2007
Time : 10.11AM
Listening to : Fisherman Horizon - FF8
Where : Zheng's place

Went back to Teluk Intan on Saturday. Intended to go back to Malacca but mom told us she's in Teluk Intan d so asked me to tag along with Uncle Gary's car. Upon reaching, i learned that it was grandma's birthday.... Adoih...i really bodoh la... Like that also dunno. Neway, Big Uncle and mom shown us their old pictures. Haha...we had a laugh. And i finally get to see the picture of my mother's elder sister. She passed away when she was still young. Sigh... Okay, neway, i was really glad to be back la. Good food, good company. My little cousins were so adorable. After dinner, Big Uncle asked if i wanna tag along to the jambu orchard and i said yes but after that my 3 younger girl cousins wanted to tag along. 12 year old Qiu Ling, 11 year old Yi En and 8 year old Qiu Ting. So we went there with my uncle and aunt. Joked with them and stuff so the whole car bergegar like what like that. Haha... I got very tired when i reached home. I did my Quiet time and then i fell asleep. Yi En came after awhile and on the lights and then started talking to me even with my eyes closed ler. Waaaaaaaaaaaa.... So hard to sleep with them around one lor. They will just come and talk and talk and ask and ask. Haha... I was answering half sleepily and finally it was time for cake cutting d. Big Uncle was so excited with his camera, taking videos and stuff. Darn lawak ler. Haha... Mom and Dad cracked jokes about grandpa and Hong Yi just couldn't stop laughing. All in all, we really had fun la.

Ok...The bad part comes. After the cake thingy, i was sent to go get chee cheong fun. So Hong Sheng followed me but Yi En wanted to follow also. So i drove my uncle's jip... The nearer stall was closed so we had to drive to town. Everything was fine until i off the engine and came down from the car. I didn't lock the car. Then when we got back up, the alarm and hazard lights started to go off. I pressed the button, it stopped. Then it started again and i off it. Even after i started the engine, it still went on and on. It lasted for like 10 minutes. Three of us were like laughing like mad cos it was so SUPER DUPER the embarrassing!!!!! Then i got down from the car and i yelled, "I am sorry!" to the shop owner cos the alarm was depressingly loud and shrill. The shop owner laughed and said, "It's ok!" Phew. Neway, i was praying darn hard for that thing to stop. Everytime it stopped, 3 of us will be like... Phew... And it started again. Wah seh!!!!! Then i asked Hong Sheng to call his dad and he asked us to just drive home. What???? Ish... Better than nothing la... Then Yi En just started laughing and Hong Sheng was totally dying of laughter d. I myself was laughing like mad d. I drove with the stupid alarm on and suddenly, it stopped.... Thank God! But the hazard lights were on all the time and wouldn't stop.... My cousins were like, "Lili! FAster!!!" How to be faster???? it's 80 liao ok? In Teluk Intan??? Ish.... When we finally reached home, we stopped the car, off the engine and waited... Then the alarm went off. Waaaaa!!!! We just jumped out of the car and started complaining about it. My uncle came out and laughed at us and off the alarm his own way... Ish!! When we were inside the house, all 3 of us took a short video about our feelings over that incident.

Hong Sheng : Very memorable... I will tell my cucu about it. Wahahahaha!

Yi En : This waterlily no legs one. Drive so slow. Very funny.

Yi En replayed the video again and again and laughed like crazy! Ish... But it was really memorable la...

I came home at around 11am yesterday, i think. Then i cleaned up my room, fixed Sathom's bracelet (Broke again!!) and met up with Amir for lunch at 4PM together with my bro and Suan Yao. Then i packed my stuff and went to Zheng's place. Then did our calligraphy. At around eight, we went for dinner and then decided to go for a walk at the sunway park. Sat at the fountain there and i wanted to dip my legs in. So both of us did.. Zheng joked that her legs were corroding because of the chemicals in it. Hahaha... Then suddenly the guard came to us and said we an't do that cos' there's electric current in it. Wow.... When we finally took out our legs, we actually felt the tingling feelings like the current passed thru us. Fuh... Hahaha... We were crazy man. Neway, we stayed on and chatted until almost 12.00 AM. Talked bout our lecturers and their slangs. Wahahaha... I laughed until i almost fell into that pool of water. Anyway, we were really like some sort of a mad fella. We saw this frog. And he couldn't jump out of the pool and it is so ugly. Hahaha... And bizarre looking due to his swimming pose. Nyahnyahnyah... Cannot tahan.

Okla...thats all kua... Oooh... Yeah... love the badges made by our class. Heehee... Also, i read back my Friendster testimonials. Man... One thing in common... I am mad. Ish.... Kla...gtg... Neway, Shan... Don't be mad at me la k??? That pool thing was in Sunway Pyramid okay???? Heee.....

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