Sunday, July 08, 2007

A hectic Sunday

Date : 8th July 2007
Time : 11.19pm
Where : MC - Zheng's room
Listening to : Mayday 2

What a day. Today, David, Michelle, Scott, Chris, Samantha, Diana and i went to Batik Chong for our batik redo session. Everyone's batik turned out so much better than the week before ones. I like mine but i think i messed the colours up a little bit but thank God for his blessing really. I was so tired the night before because Agnes came down for Bryan's campfire. So i brought her over to his school which...sadly to say, we got lost and missed the fire part. Cheh. But we climbed the structure. Rather sturdy. And then we walked to Chinatown for dinner until Jun Kun came to fetch us. All in all, i reached home at around 1 plus. Super tired.

Half way doing batik, Zafri came. All of us except Diana had lunch together. Then David sent the rest of us home. Chris went to Borders and Zafri went home. I met Suan Yao at home and i went to sleep after that. Then Ju msg-ed saying they were on the way to fetch me. I washed up and joined them for dinner. Gathered in Pizza Uno with Geng Yi, Juliana, Grace, Stephen, lilian, Sharma and Aaron. MGC-ians. Actually Ju and i didnt really feel like eating but after Grace let us taste her pasta, it kickstarted our appetite.... Food was rather ok. Nice place. And then we went to Strawberry Cafe and what a time we had there man. This Sharma ar... Gila semacam. We both imitated Hiro Nakamura and Stevie from Malcolm in the Middle. Darn funny. The rest of the people were like, "Separate the tables....Mad fellas".... Cis...Like Stephen wasnt part of the madness....

Then i when i reached home....suddenly i bcame stressed... sigh... i dowan to fail...

Anyway, get well soon Raymond, Auntie Kim neo, Auntie Jen and especially Uncle Gary. Will keep you guys in prayers.


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