Sunday, July 29, 2007

Like i promised i would

Date : 29th July 2007
Time : 4.29pm
Listening to : After the love has gone - Earth, Wind and Fire
Where : Room - Malacca

Yea... It's about time to wrap up everything.

#1 Lunch date with Irene

Initially, it was only me and Chris. But we ended up bringing Rin, Jon, Mandy and my bro. We had lunch in this Japanese restaurant next to Zen. it was alright. It was a day before our dinner date with Irene. Soon after the rest left, Chris, Irene and I continued chatting before Chris and I were due to meet Pinky. It was a great lunch date though.

#2 Gallery Petronas Launching

Chris drove us to KLCC for Redza Piyadasa's exhibition after the lunch date... Met Mark and Marion there, our tutor and lecturer. At first, it was interesting. But as we moved down further, (btw...we took the wronng direction) we realized that he repeated his subjects ALOT of time... No kidding. We stopped at almost all the paintings and tried to understand why the subjects were repeated at the very least 3 times with different colors and collage styles. Granted that he has his concept behind all these but since i can't igure it out, i got bored and i feel it's plain boring. Chris said it was just upscale graffiti. Oh, and she introduced me to her best friend, Grace and another good friend of hers, Melissa. It got rather late so i stayed over at Chris' place; which turned out to be an interesting time. Obviously we talked through the night la.... Funnily enough, it was about female and male's names from A-Z. I fell into "coma" after that. Totally kong-ed out.

#3 Irene's dinner date.

I woke up around 9.00++... Chris got ready and i went downstairs and read the newspaper. Then suddenly her dogs started barking like mad and her maid yelled for Chris. So she came down and we found out there was a snake trying to get into the house. To make the long story short... Chris chased that thing off to the field and crush its' head with a golf club... Her dad is so going to lecture her if he ever finds out. Hahaha... Then she brought me to this curry mee place in cheras... *Drool* Sedap giler.... then we headed to my place and she took a nap while i onlined. Suddenly i heard her yell. It was a yell that meant, "OH SHIT!" kinda yell. She forgot to take the number for the tickets booking for that night. -.-! Off we went back to cheras for the 2nd time and then rushed to school to get our Digital Design's result. I got an A. *Grinz* Then off we went to The Curve's Borders with Rin, Danny and Mandy. I read my "Eldest Son - Zhou Enlai"... When it was about time for us to meet in Italiannes, my bro arrived with Zafri, Sathom, Zheng and Bryan. Then i walked with my bro ahead of the rest and he was telling me his problem which made me dragged him back to the other side of the lane. Hahaha... And idiotic sathom accused me for losing my way.

Anyway, those who went were:

Haitham + his wife
Michelle Lim
Ting Wei
My bro and me

I hope i didn't leave anyone out. Anyway, it was great la... But food...not as big as i expected. Cis... Anyway, I almost died. Haha...Not literally but close. Nevermind that. But i must say, it was a great walk. I must admit it was only me who felt that. Nevertheless, it doesn't matter. Before the movie, we had a few hours to spare. Camwhore lor... Rin seriously ar... You know i am ticklish and you elbowed me on my shoulder. Gwarshhh... You made me submit to your pleas for camwhoring in return for not being elbowed! *Frown* I lost 2 games of pool. Benci. Takper Chris... One day.... Oh, and i took a picture with Homer from The Simpson. Wahahaha... Not A picture...Many pictures. And my goodness... Sathom and Zafri singing Smooth by Santana was a torture. I am so sorry guys i left the room. But i believe it was your intention to drive me out by singing so terribly anyway especially you MORANGU! It was terrible. And i heard Scott and Zafri's duet was equally hilarious. And we heard Bryan sang yeah? Hehe... Yellow.... Semuanya Kuning... Gahahaahah.... We bumped into Laston, Adam and his girlfriend.

Vacancy was terrible... "I love you"... All 9 of us erupted into laughter. We saw that coming okay. And we laughed at inappropriate times but i hate the suspense. I was just talking to Mark today about the movie and he agreed with me. And people, i did not force anyone to watch this ok. I did mention that we do not have to watch this. Anymore blaming for this, i will not entertain.

Rin stayed over at my place that night. It was around 3.00AM when Chris dropped us. Thanks alot. But Rin and I talked all the way till 4.00Am++.

It was on this day that my adventure with Chris amounted to 9 interesting facts that happened in our journey... Durian was one of them. Wahahahaa....

#4 Chris' accident

This came as a shock and i actually felt really bad about it. Chris was on the way to my place for lunch and perspective final assignment. She was hit by a car and Amir, by God's blessing happened to pass by. Her car was overturned. Quite damaged. Sent her to the hospital. Btw Zafri... I DO KNOW WHERE THE HOSPITAL WAS OKAY?! Ahem... Although i was really..slow. Neway, i am glad God protected her and everything was well until the driver kinda blackmailed her a lil. Anyway... She stayed over at my place that night.

#5 Yikwan's stayover

Yikwan and her sister arrived around midnight of the same day. And three of us together with Zheng, Bryan, Amir, Joshua and Chris went for supper. It was a great time spent. I had such laughs with Yikwan.

#6 Andrew + Shannon

Chris stayed another night. Then we walked to college on Monday. Submitted our assignment and finally felt liberated!Haha. Andrew messaged and told me Shan and him would be in Sunway Pyramid in the afternoon. Wahahaha... I was darn excited. I couldn't wait man. Anyway, i sat in for my bro's Visual Comm class and that wasn't for LI WEN okay???? I wanna see my bro present. I missed his drama last term. So i sat in to watch him this time. And after that, i went to meet up with that 2 monkeys. Wahahaha... I had such laughs. Seriously, you guys real cacat-ed. Especially your transparent new shoes Andrew!!!! Wear socks! Hahahaa... This Shannon ar... Kegilaan max. Then we walked back to my place before Andrew was due to leave. It was great meeting you again GA. And you too Shan!

#7 House of Dead 4

Had lunch with a bunch of Diedethians in Nikmat on Wednesday. Sathom was making fun of Rin's newly cut fringe. It's not that bad la Rin. Don't listen to him. Such crapper. Like usual, James tak kasi muka started whacking me. *Frown* Anyway, Rin pinched Helmi and his expression was super d duper lawak. James and I almost died laughing. Gwahahahaha! After lunch, i went to find Zheng. Together with her, David, Michelle Lim and Sophia, we went to Sunway Pyramid's new arcade and Zheng and I went crazy with the shooting. Hahaha... House of the Dead 4 was such a stress reliever. Sophia sat in for me a couple of times. Tired gila. And David let us listen to his message recording. Lawak sia. We played Daytona USA too. And then we went to McD for ice cream. Sophia, Zheng and i were laughing like gila because of all the jokes and thingy. It was hilarious. Anyway, all 5 of us planned to go Sunway lagoon the next day. I text-ed every diedethian but only rin and chris replied. Rin can't go and Chris decided to just go there for picture taking.

#8 Sunway Lagoon

We were late. Hahaha... But 6 of us met in McDonald for breakfast. The water rides were great la. But the most memorable ones are the one i had with Michelle and Sophia. Michelle and I got stuck. Haha... Funny. But the greatest one still Sophia's. We slided down the shortest but steepest slide at the beach there. It was scary man. And i elbowed her... ahem.. by accident. the guard recognized us d because went there so many times. It was super fun and funny. I screamed all 6 times. Haha... Anyway, after that, they went for two dry park rides. I didn't. Was too tired. Then met up with Zafri, Christine, Scott and Sathom. Dude... You just had to remind me about me being cheated right? Such a nuisance. -.-! Anyway, i went to collect my assignments from Li Wen and Chris and I ended up chatting with Irene in front of design department. Doesn't feel like she's a lecturer anymore. haha... more like a friend. "We are family"... Quoted from Irene. Anyway, i didn't join the rest for dinner. Had a migraine. I went home.

#9 Fasting from Zafri and going home

Lol... Zafri, i am still fasting from you. I kept to my word and i didn't even go down for lunch. Anyway, can't celebrate Amir's birthday cos' my bro and i had to leave for malacca. I went to visit my uncle who has cancer. he is still joyful and cheerful. Thank God for that. I am really glad he is doing well. Reached home around 9.30pm.

#10 Meeting up with Dhanya

I missed driving a lot. I met up with Dhanya yesterday night. I didn't know she's flying back t India the next day. Thank God i managed to meet her. It was a great evening spent. It was so long ago since we last met. It was last year. Took a lot of crazee pictures. Just like how we used to be before. =) My aim for this holiday, i will meet up with fellow MGS-ians before the term starts. Enough of hibernation. ENOUGH OF DIEDETHIANS!!! I am just joking people. But anyway, it'll be good to remind myself that i wasn't exactly that nice before i come to know Christ... Good thing i changed. *Grinz*

Okay... I hope you guys have a great holiday. And thanks Sathom for informing me in such a weird manner that you are safely home. And Zheng and Danny, please inform me when you reach your destination. And Chris, enjoy your holz with your other half and send me a postcard and if you remember, tolong beritahu keadaan anda sekiranya sampai dengan selamat. You owe pictures!!! And CSI!


I promise to post pictures... =)


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