Saturday, July 14, 2007


Date : 14th July 2007
Time : 9.37PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : MC- Living Hall

My youngest bro came up today. Parents brought us out for breakfast at around 8.00AM. When i came back, on the way to the lift, somebody poked me on my sides. Adoih... Doink mia David. he was there to fetch Zheng and family to Batu Caves. Neway, after a very very long nap, i brought Jeffrey, my bro to KLCC. On our way back, we saw this pair of boys twin.... So the adorable.

Ok... Let me update about Chris' cooking. Vegetarian pasta! We went grocery shopping yesterday and met at tanyus place for dinner. fantastic. Diedethians, you all can now ask Chris to cook for you guys....

Nice isn't it? *Grin* Nicer to eat. No need put my glutton face here la...

Also, my final presentation was yesterday. Obviously i was under prepared compared to the first presentation. Neway, before we started anything, Patrick decided to turn gay.

Last Sunday, i went Batik Chong to do my batik for the 2nd time. No bocor! Heehee... And it was way too colourful.

And a whole collection of our box toys...

Ok...What else to post?... About my final project for later bro wanna play maple story liao...kaco only...cheh...


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