Friday, July 13, 2007

You listen to me.

Date : 13th July 2007
Time : 10.53pm
Listening to : What makes a man - westlife
Where : MC - living hall

Irritating. Plain irritating. Neway, i will blog about Chris' cooking later. Right now, I just wanna yell. It's unfair you know. Just because you freakin just used to like a person you are like haunted by it forever. WONG CHEN LI NO DIGNITY IS IT?!?!?!!?!?!? I am so super farnie that it's ok to just embarrass me like an idiot liddat is it???? Ok..Fine rephrase.... You don't believe me...FINE! Go ahead and just think i am sensitive and stuff... Like whatever "true" facts wun enter my head cos i am to sensitive d. And yeah, why wanna feel so worked up over petty stuff like that? IT's PETTY TO YOU COS' YOU ARE NOT IN MY SITUATION! Darn unfair you know! You can just do anything to me cos' of what happened before and never even wanna consider what i really feel! Fine! After reading this post, just go around la and think that Chen's too sensitive. Denying all facts and also making situation seemed worse. Excuse me! You are not me ok? There are somethings that matters to me that doesn't matter to you. You all freakin think i need him. He is not the factor of my happiness you know? You don't know lah! All you all think you know is that Chen loves him so much she could die for him lah! That's all right? And telling somebody off, you guys think i am joking. Sigh... I am not joking. I am not that nice. i am not that immune. So just wake up and know that i have my own feelings too. Just because that person likes another doesn't mean she can't snap out of it. And just because people SPECULATE you like that person doesn't mean you have to make things worse for that person! And you don't even know the truth also! You don't know ok!!?!?!!?

I will not take back my words. Just swallow it! You deserve it! But i forgive you. This is true. I do forgive you. But you just make me want to cry because you people never did understand. I never needed a guy. And i will never need one. But you never did understand. You probably never will.

You might keep a distance a way from me because of this post. If it's inevitable, let it be. I only hope you understand.

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