Friday, August 24, 2007

I am so mad >:|

Date : 24th August 2007
Time : 2.55pm
Listening to : NOTHING!
Where : Design Room - Office

>:| Marah lah aku. Been working on that same master bedroom for 3 days lae! Change this and that, here and there. Ok la... I know la...we must come up with the best design ...the nicest... and I seriously don't want to sound like I am mad with her or anything. I am not. But just super frustrated cos' I hate repeating works. My back hurts and my head ached since last night and super d duper not in a good mood but I WILL BE GOOD! Been losing my temper very easily this term break. Hate it. Noooooo... Wong Chen Li...Kenapa you asyik wanna marah people? Just shut up lah and count to 10!

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