Sunday, August 05, 2007

Runaway Train never coming back

Date : 5th August 2007
Time : 8.25pm
Listening to : teng ni de ze ren (Responsibility to wait for you) - M+V Wong
Where : Room - Malacca

I watched The Simpson's Movie with Juliana and Yen Mei in MBO... I didn't know such place existed. Seriously. But MBO stands for Malaysian Box Office. The cinema was good. Comfortable. The movie, needless for me to say, was good. Many people already blogged about it so i will not. When we were about to leave the cinema, Yen called me and i turned. Man, i saw Yi Kwan. What a surprise. It was a ood surprise. And Juliana made Yen and I a couple of really delicious beef buritos.... dunnoe how to spell it. Then we went to Jaya Jusco to buy McD's ice cream sundae and met up with Ju's parents. On the way home, Shan called and asked if i wanna go see Mei Wah do her public speaking the next day. I agreed. So long tak nampak that dunky. Then Joon called, who was with Shan and Andrew and bising-ed me for not telling him that i was back in Malacca.

The next day, Joon came and picked me up at around 11+. Then we headed to Hoong's place. So long since i was there. Met my History teacher who happened to be Hoong's mom. Waited for Hoong to get ready and then we headed to pick Shan up. I didn't know he shifted. Apa la Shan! tak cakap langsung. Then we went to Ee Jin's place. I don't know him well but it was okay. We waited for the rest to come. Mel, Karen, Mei Wah, Collin and Weng Fatt arrived after a while. Did some catching up with Mel and Karen before we headed to MMU for the talk thing. Ngan joined us later with Khai and Lisa.

It was fun watching Dunky repeating her speech. Lawak betul. I cam memorize d... wait wait...
"Sigmond Freud once said, a person's name is a single context in human's mind which is blablabla..... For example, this young lady here. What is your name? Karen. Karen...sweet... How are you karen? Where are you from Karen? Nice meeting you Karen...."
Haha... See, did i do you proud dunky? Anyway, i actually benefited from her talk. I have problem remembering names. At one point, Joon, Karen and I went to the mini mart to buy snacks. Nobody wanna teman me eat Maggi mee cup until Collin came down. Haha... He also one yao Kwee one... Bising-ed that i went MIA for so long. Anyway, the whole thing ended at around 6pm. then we went to Saravana near YK's house to eat. The food there so cheap. I makan so much i thought i would burst. Collin said that he felt tergugat. I lost in the end...... TT..... Then Joon drove Shan and I to Senyum to meet Andrew and Thye Chuan. Chuan said he wanted to talk to me. He's the only friend i know that took design too. Anyway, it was great hanging out with Mei Wah and gang although it was weird at first.

Reached Senyum at around nine plus. Chuan, Andrew and Kim Kiat were there already. Playing pool. Talked to chuan about stuff . And i had a good laugh there with Andrew, Chuan and Shan.

Shan : Eh... you know why Andrew hit the ball so hard?

Me : Why?

Shan : Cos he said it stimulate him.

Me : What?!

Shan : Yea... ask him.

Me : Andrew! Listening to the sound stimulate you?

Andrew : WTH?

Haha... Doink mia shan... Keji betul. Another funny conversation was :

Me : I wanna go home.

Andrew : Sorry man, dragging you here.

Me : Nolah.

Andrew : So late d. Sammo you alone with 5 guys here.

Me : What 5 guys? 6 lah!

Andrew : What?

Me : Eh, Shan, there're 6 guys here right?

Shan : Got guys meh?

Me : -.-!!!

And Andrew dengan powernyer hit the cue ball off the table. Lawak betul. Around 12++ Kim Kiat drove me and Andrew home. We stopped by for a drink. Saw a rather lawak sign board. I laughed so much the whole day. I went to fetch my sister just now. Come back only so bising man. Haha...

But today was a terrible day. Hey dude, i know you don't like apologies. And i don't think i was wrong too but i am sorry i yelled ok? I won't go freaky on you and you better not also. See you on the 5th. Never wanted to screw things up.

Call you up in the middle of the night
Like a firefly without a light
You were there like a slow torch burning
I was a key that could use a little turning

So tired that I couldn't even sleep
So many secrets I couldn't keep
Promised myself I wouldn't weep
One more promise I couldn't keep

It seems no one can help me now
I'm in too deep
There's no way out
This time I have really led myself astray

Runaway train never going back
Wrong way on a one way track
Seems like I should be getting somewhere
Somehow I'm neither here no there

Can you help me remember how to smile
Make it somehow all seem worthwhile
How on earth did I get so jaded
Life's mystery seems so faded

I can go where no one else can go
I know what no one else knows
Here I am just drownin' in the rain
With a ticket for a runaway train

Everything is cut and dry
Day and night, earth and sky
Somehow I just don't believe it


Bought a ticket for a runaway train
Like a madman laughin' at the rain
Little out of touch, little insane
Just easier than dealing with the pain

Runaway train never comin' back
Runaway train tearin' up the track
Runaway train burnin' in my veins
Runaway but it always seems the same

Runaway Train - Soul Asylum



wahlui said...
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wahlui said...

sigmund freud once said, "a person's name is the single context of human memory most opt to be forgotten." XD

senorita... said...

most apt la.. not OPT... anyway,chen li,pictures leh? send to pls... thanks a bunch.. email me da banner too when u've done! thank u

Chen said...

haha...typo typo...yeah karen... i wanna take ur pic