Friday, September 07, 2007

I didn't mean to mess things up

Date : 7th September 2007
Time : 6.17pm
Listening to : I believe - My Sassy Girl OST
Where : Room - Malacca

These few days, I was felt rather melancholic. It's like most of the songs that I was listening to drew me back to one particular person. It's not that I listened to it on purpose. It was just on the playlist. Quite sad. Cos' in many ways, I think I've ruined a friendship. Even 2 days ago, I was dreaming about him and another good friend. He was mad at me and I woke up feeling so like this.... -.-!!! T.T...

And so I think he's going MIA for a while. I felt so shitty about it for days man. Can't listen to I Believe, David Tao or freakin Maroon 5 for goodness sake. Dunnoe why lah! Don't ask. I know I didn't handle the situation well a couple years back. And I know we didn't exactly had any problem after that even though things were ugly. But I am seriously sorry I am just not normal when it comes to things like that ok? It's not that I could help it. I also will not in any way try to explain why things went that way. I am just sorry that I am plain weird having this problem. I am just having a messed up brain and I am best being right where I am. Don't even tell me I don't have to say sorry because you know I should. And this is not even a stupid excuse made up a few years back. Know me by the way I lived my life. It's just plain weird if you don't speak to me anymore. I know we don't meet often but sial... if you ever, ever go real awkward meeting me or something, I think Andrew gonna have to listen to me rant about it endlessly. Aiyoooo....I dunnoe what to say d. If I don't blog bout this, I don't think I can leave for the new semester with a start man. I don't know what's the big deal lah but it just is lah ok?!

-Wong Chen Li-


gaL said...

masalah cinta?

*twin hugs* :)

Anonymous said...

Adoi la :) Habis my ear... :) Don't think too much into it ar. Trust me...things are gonna be alright. Nothing's gonna be as different as lastime. Of course...we'll all be working and stuff...but that's just part of growing up I guess.

nobodi said...

wutz done is done... you gotta move on gal... it's over... u juz gotta make e best out of ur future situations...