Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Quick Update

Date : 26th September 2007
Time : 9.33PM
Where : Tanyus/Selvia/Nesia's place
Listening to : Dunnoe....

Anyway...a quick post here...Everything's good here in Sunway. Not slacking in work...How surprising. Had a great time in Mandy's place for the Lantern Festival last saturday...despite being attacked and having my Nike shoes stolen from that whole bunch of monkeys. Great time spent at my uncle's place. Great time sharing the Gospel with my Bro. Great time getting lost together. Great time going church with him together.

And great time having tonnes of assignments. My real lacking of sleep days still not here yet. Maybe today will be. Have to do a flash animation.

And I really miss Malacca. That day Juliana treated Geng Yi, Grace and I a meal of steamboat dinner. It was a crazy nite. I found out how a donkey sounded like in the mind of Ju....So not donkey-ish...



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