Thursday, March 06, 2008

What I really wanna do...

Date : 6th March 2008
Time : 9.59AM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Bro's room

Hmmm... Mom and dad came to visit out of a sudden yesterday. They just left. Anyway, before I start any ramblings here, I would like to thank Rin for her early birthday gift for me. And btw doesn't look like me you germy little woman!

And yea...back to what I was going to blog about... Actually before Ifell asleep yesterday, I had something that I wanted to blog about but I was to lazy to switch on my laptop again. -.-! Now I forgot what it was. But anywho (so Yen)... I told my mom I will come back and work with her. And I have the intention (since like so many years ago) to venture into having my own range of fabric and wallpaper design. So me right? HAHAHAAHA! Ahem...anyway... I know I am in Multimedia line and if people were to ask me what is this line all about, I probably will just answer design. Blah! Obviously it's more than just that. As the name already suggested... multimedia...banyak banyak media... So anything pun boleh la. But I think venturing into Interior Design like I've always wanted to is another challenge la though many told me, "Your mom ID wat! Senang aper..." Tak senang ok? ID is not just about placing furniture. It's about planning and getting things accurate and at the same time must serve it's purpose/function together with aesthetic beauty ok? You can't ctrl+z to undo things that went wrong. Yea...That's what I will say about ID. But when I told that to my mom...I mean about what i really want to do..she sadi..."Where got like that one?" And I went dot dot dot...Nolah... I actually went..."Got lah.... I want to do that" and then the food came d. Takper la... I know that's what I really wanna do...besides graphic design.

Why la I talk about things like that??? Hahaha... But I can assure you that what I wanted to blog last nite was even weirder than just this. LOL. Oh..and I am so in love with Steohan sagmeister's accent. *drool* Check my other blog to find out why.


Sherene said...

Hey! Thanks for viewing. A least i know i am not blogging for myself to read.

I will hold on Him!!!

I've linked you.
So u oso link me ya?

Live for Him!!!

Chen said...

lol...yeap..sure...have to link back everyone...