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Pulau Pangkor Trip

Date : 28th May 2008
Time : 11.25PM
Listening to : Cause I'm your lady
Where : Room - MC

Okay, gonna update on Pangkor trip first. I really have no time to type so much. And I don't have time to upload pics on Teluk Intan so Pangkor pics will have to do for now.

Reached Teluk Intan to visit grandparents at around 9AM ++ and had our breakfast in town. Snapped some pictures there and dad even gave me some time to take Perak river pics. Woo... I have no idea it was there all this while. Will upload all da pics for TA later. At around 10AM++, we started our ourney to Pangkor. Upon reaching, coincidentally, mom bumped into her schoolmate that happened to be joining our trip to Pankor together with my uncle and all. They haven't met for 20 years ++ already. Anyway, it started raining before we boarded the ferry. Yeah.

We stayed in Puteri Bayu and it was terrible the hotel rooms that they gave us. We ended up asking for a chalet instead which turned out to be better la. The beach was dirty and I don't like it. It's so boring I was literally clinging to my camera snapping whatever that caught my attention. To be honest, all the photos shot on the first day was terribly horrible and it was pretty much edited before I uploaded it. So sien on the first day. Sis slept after teaching my mom Photoshop. Youngest bro slept after a swim. Dad out playing Mahjong by the pool. The other bro stucked in KL for classes. I was walking around the beach finding it extremely hard to find good shots due to my noob-ness in handling my camera. The only lessons I've got was from my bro and the rest was really what I've read from the book in Kinokuniya.

But it was a good bonding time with my family. There's this very cute boy who joined our trip. So adorable I tell you. So hyperactive. Mom, Pin and I went for a random stroll and we bought tit-bits and all and took an alternative route via the beach back to our chalet. We bought a set of poker cards and bro, mom and I sat at the lobby entrance and played chor tai ti there. haha... Darn funny la cos at the entrance there we made it like we were so at home. I had no luck at all. kalah all the time. Won only once. Sial... Actually, it's not that bad since I get to watch my uncle playing football with the young people. Darn funny. At night was even better (not the place) cos' dad brought us out for a post-dinner thing. We walked there. We were darn full after dinner but dad was so eager to bring us out so I was more than happy to just stroll with him in the drizzling rain. +)... We met a lil boy there that was so camera shy. Hahahaah. And yeap, I hugged my camera everywhere I went.

At night, mom and dad went over to my uncle's chalet for a chat. I slept. Bro and sis playing Villain's Hunt. I was way too tired. Among the 5 of us, I was the only one that did not sleep a wink for the whole day. I was darn kepo running around despite the boringness. Hahaha...

Jetty watch tower

Dad and Mom at the jetty

The lil boy named Ah Long

Mom and Sis in the ferry

The King and Queen in the Wong Kingdom

The Eldest Princess (Youngest Princess behind camera)

The Youngest Prince (Eldest Prince in KL)

My feet!

Some pictures taken on the first day

By the sea, also on the first day
On the 2nd day, i woke up the earliest, took a bath and grabbed the camera and tried to go around to get some pics...hoping the sky will be clearer. I took only one shot and mom already called me and said dad's coming to get us on a motorbike. haha... He actually sent each of us by turn to the stall. I was the 2nd cos sis and bro still bathing. On the way there, (I was so very the excited cos sudah lama tak dok motor kan) dad asked me, "You want to take photos har?". I said, "Yea!!"... And then he asked, "Where?"... I said dunnoe. Lol...Anyway, when my sister arrived (she's the last), she told us that when dad was waving his hand to the side to signal that he's about to turn, there was this guy saying, "Lat ta li lat ta li tam poi"... -.=! Sweat. hahaha... I find it darn funny lor! hahaah!

Then my dad sent my sis back first and the rest of us jalan. Along the way, dad will come back to pick the rest of us up. He picked me up last cos he's bringing me for a ride. Ehehehee... Tak la ride sangat cos it's just a turn around the corner. He bought a newspaper. Hehe... He brought me to seaview hotel where I spotted a large rock formation at the far end of the beach. It's amazing how it was quite near to my chalet's beach but the colors there were so very different. Polution. Cheh... Anyway, dad let me run off by myself and snap all I want while he waited for me, reading his newspaper. I walked there, took off my shoes and explored the place la. It was low tide I entered in between the rocks. As usual, I am pretty noob la with this DSLR and all I stood quite long in the sun adjusting the stupid settings and all. but I had so much fun. But I got 2 cuts on my heel and it was bleeding. Eeee... Rendam dalam salt water. Quite pain la but I continued also. I was really enjoying myself.

The colors there was quite vivid. And I really did NOT edit any of the colors in Photoshop. Maybe it was the setting that I used in the camera but those pics below was not edited at all. I think they are nice. Anyway, after that, I cabut balik to meet my dad after half hour or so and then we went back to da hotel and packed up to leave.

My injured feet. Wei..It's not a small cut k....

Dad and Sis on da motor(left) & And my cute daddy on da right...

Anjing tengah bersantai

Canoing in the sea

Like 2 dinosaurs kissing...

The rocks

The lil' jetty back in mainland

Back in mainland

Okay... The trip back to Teluk Intan I will update asap cos there're quite a lot of photos to be uploaded and I really need to get on with my assignments cos' I am pretty sure I will be half dead by the end of the week.


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