Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Jackie Junior

Date : 26th August 2008
Time : 1.45AM
Listening to : Qi Cheng
Where : Bro's Old Room - Malacca

You know how sometimes you really cannot stand someone and how you think there's nothing good left in that person and yet somehow you stay with that person? And how sometimes you complain about that person and you feel that person is not worth what you've given and yet you kept by his/her side? And like sometimes how you tell people that he/she had his/her chance and you gave up on that person already and yet you decide to forgive him/her unconsciously? I used to think that "you" was contradicting his/her words and hence hypocrisy. I was one of the "you" and I felt like a hypocrite. But not anymore. I've heard what I need to hear from my mother. I drew the conclusion that it's not hypocrisy. I think it's genuine love that is tucked deep inside; taken out only when the time calls for it. Oh well, it was a great time out with my mom. :) Oh, btw, when I say genuine love, think of your bestfriend also. See how many times your bestfriend annoyed you like mad and yet you stick to him/her. Of course it's relevant to your significant other la but don't just scope it down to that. And if you really think about it, when you forgive someone unconsciously, deep down you know he/she is worth it even though you tell yourself they are not. Weird har?

Humans are born hypocrites. No wonder we are all sinners.

It's such a random post I know. But spending 3 hours with my mother in the shopping mall talking about stuff really made me want to rant what I think here.

And yeah, when I came back from the mall, I found 3 puppies with my Schnauzer, Jackie. 2 mixed breed (2 months) and a one month old baby Schnauzer. Uncle Benny brought them over. They were to be handed over to their new owner in a week time. So the darn adorable. I will post up most of the photos later. For now, I'll show you how they look like. I must say I was pretty unfair cos' I was so in love with the Schnauzer pup I took most of her shots only. One of the mixed breed was so active. And Jackie loves her to bits. He tends to play with both of the mixed breed only cos' Jackie Jr. was one very quiet pup. He just dozed off after drinking the milk. The weird thing is, Jackie was so gentle toward these 3 lil' pups. And one of the smaller mixed pup whined alot. I don't know why. But they were just plain adorable la har. Will post up the rest of the photos later.

One of her best shot. Jackie Jr.

3 of the pups. Both of the brown one has a white paw each. Twins!

All 4 of them. Jacki was one very happie dog tonight. He was pretty sad when they went home.

Alright. I'm off for now. Ta!


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