Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Stale news

Date : 1st October 2008
Time : 9.42PM
Listening to : Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead
Where : Room - Malacca

Okay...stale news on da way... I dunnoe why I wanna write but I just want to write. Hehe.

Tanglung Night Festival @ Uncle Kian Boon's place
Well, Uncle Kian Boon ajak-ed a few of us youth in Malacca, Yen, Sin Yee, Kah Wai, Adrian, Andy, Elise, Simon and I, to his place for bbq. Yen and I bought some paper tanglungs. But in the end we tak jadi gantung la cos' it started drizzling. But before that we had lotsa food and it was delicious. Sin Yee betul-betul lawak with the way she ate lah. My goodness...can pengsan man. Then Uncle Kian Boon brought out a bottle of wine (14% alcohol) to let us try. So I thought if I take a bit it's ok la right. During my sis' grad, I took half a glass and terus diam ma. But this one, I took only 2 sips lae and I had chest pain like heart seizure for 20 minutes. I am so not kidding man. I went to the toilet to force it out but tak jadi la. So little how to force kan? I honestly thought I was going to die that night man. Luckily after sitting down for a while, reading Calvin&Hobbes with Andy, I was okay again. Ish. Scary. I am not gonna touch alcoholic beverages again except for communion. And this Qi Qi let us watch Charlie the Unicorn 2. =.=! We watched the 1st one when we had BBQ at Uncle Kian Boon's place last year. Can kantoi man watching the animation. Bananas in your ears...Apa punya lagu ini??? Anyway, we had so much food we hardly could move after that. We had a bit of a mooncake also and chatted at the kitchen with Uncle Kian Boon and Auntie Kiat Tin. After that Yen dropped me back home after sending Simon back.

Hazmer's so called Farewell @ Thai Thai Thai Restaurant
Like I mentioned so many times in my previous entries, Hazmer's leaving us to die in Advanced Digital Media class for Japan. =.=! Actually, he left last Sunday. He's so gonna feel so guilty man. Haha. Just kidding. Anyway, we had our last class with him on Friday. But on Thursday after class, we MM068-1 had our last crazy dinner with him at that ridiculously named restaurant. Before that, we who had ADM class with him had a sampat-ed photo session with him and Sook Chiung. Also very big sweat. Anyway, all of us had a great time in that restaurant la. This Fadzil kan..darn jahat ok? He asked that waiter to put 3 freakin big scoops of rice on my plate. Hazmer's one got 2. Both of us ate until wanna die. And photo sessions were tiring cos it was funny. And Selvia totally cracked us up with her funny questions about alien and also barbie doll.

Selvia : But alien also human right??? *Look at Hazmer with sad eyes*
Hazmer : How the heck I know???? *Burst out laughing*

Fuhlamak...So lawak. Sammo in class, when we were having our lessons...

Hazmer : So what objects can you think of in a racing game?
Chen : Girls waving flags...
Hazmer + Kenny : =.=!

Hazmer : What do people look for when they buy a car?
Selvia : Car wiper?
The whole class : 0.o! HAHAHAAHAhahAH!!!!

Car wiper sial... That was sooo funny. Adoih... And after dinner, everyone had to leave except for Hazmer, Tanyus, Selvia, Wahyu and I. So we went to Haagen Daaz. Had the chocolate fondue. Oooh..banyak punya sedap. But we were so tired ok. We laughed waaaay too much in the restaurant. Then Wahyu mentioned, "Eh, again five of us only". Yeah, again five of us only. Dunnoe why always ended up 5 of us makan and hang out. =.= Sammo always laugh until can roll on floor. The last time was in Starbucks where Hazmer showed us a game in MY nintendo DS Lite. "Kamone!" Si monyet semua tu. And bek bek Selvia. Hahaha... Anyway, have a good time in Japan~!

Mamma Mia @ MBO Melaka
I came back last weekend to join the youths in MGC for a movie. Original plan was to watch Penelope but don't have edi. So Adrian bought tickets for Mamma Mia at 8.15PM instead. Before that we went for Youth Meeting and we discussed something about Fellowship lah which I think was interesting although there were some things we weren't too sure about. After that we discussed about our end year camp in December. Then Yen, Jess, Ju, Sin yee, Kah Wai and I went for Ice Pat Poh. Quite lawak also. But we all had to go back before 7PM cos had to prepare for the movie. Sin Yee, Melissa and Tse Shuen did not join us. Sharma in the end didn't also. So Gary get to join us instead. 15 of us went:

Ju, Yen, Hwei, Gary, Ken, Aaron, Lilian, Andy, Adrian, Shaun, Kah Wai, Wei Jin, Sarah, Jessica and I.

It was such a fantastic movie la. Funny and nice. Ju and I almost melted in our seats watching Pierce Brosnan. I think Andy also almost pengsan after I kept on, "Noooo~! So hot....." and he went, "Calm down... it's just a man..."... Perrrr.... This nerd say liddat to me?? What just a man?? It's a hot man. Anyway, there was one scene when Meryl Streep duet with Pierce Brosnan. She was singing first. Then Pierce was so charming that me and ju was like, "Fuh.." but...tiba-tiba he sang with Meryl and both of us laughed so loud ok?? And not only us, I think all 15 of us because he sang so forcefully. Hahahahaa! I could hardly stop ok??? Adoih... Anyway, it was a good movie and outing with the youths. After that, Adrian, Andy, Sarah, Jess, Ju, Yen and I went to Malim mamak to eat. Teruk lah the service there. Susah sangat ker nak goreng lagi satu pinggan of mee???

Meet up with Yi Kwan and Ee Hoong @ Sunway Pyramid
Yi Kwan followed me up to KL on Monday. She had an interview on Tuesday. We had a great time together la. She kan, wanted me to dye hair with her. And she ended up didn't do it. Perla... But my hair very stubborn. Tak makan color one. So it's still black. =.=! Wasted my money. Cis. Anyway, on Tuesday, I contacted Ee Hoong and asked her to meet up. Well, to be honest, I was a bit afraid what will happen if both of them meet la. They haven't been meeting for a long time. But thank God that they got along and we went Nando's. And caught up on each other's life. More to their's than mine. Sebab aku ader blog kan. Hehe. We hung out for a couple of hours. Many things happened in a night. You know, to be very honest, I think yesterday was my greatest achivement as a friend to both of them and yet I think I was a let down for judging them too. So I want to say I am very sorry to both of you. There were some emotions that I failed to restrain from showing. But I truthfully believe you both have your own reasons. And for the part where I feel I achieved something in our friendship, it was when yi kwan said to ee hoong,

"See you on Saturday.."

Bugger. That freakin sent tears down my cheek la ok. I haven't heard that for 7 long years or more. Hope many more days like that will come. And one more thing is, do what is best for yourself. Don't be taken advantage of anymore. Both of you. Love you guys.

Hari Raya @ Jaziah's place
It's like the annual thing you know. Every raya we will go her place. This time Ju couldn't join us. Ngan joined us with her bf instead. Yen and Sarah were there also together with their cousin. I just came back from KL with GY, Grace and Sin Lan. So they dropped me at Jaz's place. But I was feeling a bit lethargic. Didn't talk much. Jaz started her work edi. Architect. Assistant I think. Not sure. But working in Ampang. Maybe next time can meet la. Went back home after that and kantoi until 7.30PM. Woke up and joined parents and friends for dinner. I totally couldn't remember about Prayer Meeting until Adrian sms-ed. Sorry man.

You know, sleeping in a room with your dog in it can be very disturbing ok. A while he will be lying next to you. Then kejap defler will kacau you by stepping on your butt. Then kejap lagi sleep at ur feet there. Then suka-suka lick your face and when u cover with blanket, he will try to snuggle beside u to bite u. Then so bising sammo with his bell! =.= I sleep until very kesian ok. And when I woke up, I found my spec's right glass was detached because that dog bit it. =.=

Well, that basically all la. And I am very glad that Grace likes the design of the wedding invitation card and also the programme card design. Even more encouragement was when she mentioned the printer guy said it was nice also. Thanks so much. And thank God more for His blessings. He gave me all the inspirations and skills that I need. :)

Okay, I really have to go now. See ya!

Will post up some pics when free!



mau said...

u forget to add yen's name at the mamak place... perr.... how could u? > " <

Chen said...

Fuh..tergamak aku!!!

mau said...

^ ^

Sherene said...

i oso wan to agree that ur design is up to market demand.
i book u can? next time do for me too. i'll offer u market price.
( mampusla, i post this comment in hwei's blog oso. )
raya 2nd day, i went up to b a spot light in their house.
follow them to eat, look for printer uncle and played monopoly where geng yi beria-ria want to b banker and in the end went bankrupt. LOL.

it is alwiz feel nice to get in touch with friends once again.

Chen said...

Haha..thanks sherene. Lol-ing and geng yi menjadi bankrup. Adakah patut macam tu??