Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sticking out like a sore...finger...

Date : 19th October 2008
Time : 12.25AM
Listening to : Files of Justice
Where : Parents' Room - Malacca

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SHAN~!!

Made a sudden decision to follow my parents back to Malacca. Going back with Juliana in the evening tomorrow... actually today. Skipping church tomorrow for medical check-up. Sigh. For one, I've not been feeling well for a while already. Nothing serious, just flu and cough and minor dizziness. But the main thing will be the un-straightenable finger. Ugh... It's pretty annoying and hurting also. Gonna go for a x-ray in the morning.

Look how that finger just sticks out like a sore finger.

Kinda suddenly thought of Uncle Tony's kids. Aih, weird how I kind of miss them. A bit tired and unfocus right now. I'm pretty much in a mess. Dunnoe how to handle some assignments. Ideas got rejected a few times. I guess my prayers to be humbled is being answered. But I think it's about time I should be pulled down to earth. Still, it's quite scary. Better now than later. But really hope things will turn out to be better soon. Was pretty discouraged after the talk with Daniel from Contextual Dept. And I felt pretty trapped in my own box. Aih...


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