Friday, May 29, 2009

How many things can you do in one night?

Date : 29th May 2009
Time : 6.48AM
Listening to : The Holidays OST
Where : Dee's Place

How many things can you do in one night? T_T This i what I did.

I had a brief meeting with befrienders teammates. And the Quiet Time. And then online meeting with head of divisions for Grad Camp. And then another round of short phone discussions with 2 vices. And then continue with another discussion with Marketing head. And then after that napped for 2 hours. After that wake up and work on Befrienders work. Then agenda planning for meeting at 10AM. Now... I am just about to start on my presentation kit for student game sharing. To be honest, I got pretty tensed up today. Maybe it's PMS. I dunnoe. I just get cranky with loud noises when i work or repeated/unnecessary questions. SO I apologize for my attitude if I've been angsty towards anyone.

Anyway, fellow Christians, please do pray for me and my team. Some of them fell sick already and pray that they will get well soon. And pray that God will straighten our paths and help us find our ways through any obstacles. And pray also that we will be able to work on our other assignments as well. Life is hectic as usual in TOA. Please keep us in mind ohkay? And lastly, pray that everyone of us will be able to work with each other despite our differences. Thanks.

I don't think whacking him will help me re;ax. =.=!


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