Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jeng Jeng term coming.

Date : 10th May 2009
Time : 2.38PM
Listening to : The 2 boys chatting bout FF9, =.=!
Where : TV Room cum working room

Officially, I have one 7 hours class on Tuesday. Every Tuesday. My Final Project class. Another class is for our graduation campaign. Dunnoe if there'll be assignments or not but I think we'll have tonnes of discussion with other course students. And Friday, I have an Internship class. No idea what that does though. Hope that it will be fun though.

Anyway, last week, my game lecturer asked if I was interested in teaming up with him for the upcoming IPCC game pitch. Was thinking about it for a while. My bro said my last term will be so freakin busy so I should really think twice. So initially I thought of declining. Buthen... hehe...I was playing FF12 one day and my mind started to think about the mechanism and thoughts that the developer must have put in during the game production. And even though IPCC game pitch may not be that extensive as that, I think it's a good learning experience for me. So yesterday Jordan asked for my answer and I said yes. So, hope everything will be well.

On Friday evening, Shan sms-ed and asked me to hang out. I was at the salon dye-ing my hair red. As usual, my hair is too stubborn and it doesn't really take in the color well. Still, I love the subtle colors that I ended up with. Hehe. Okay, back to Shan. So we did hung out. And we didn't know where to go la. So we just parked at Dataran. Then we just...walked. Walked in DP which somehow led us to the Cinema. Then we walked from DP to the jetty where we sat down for awhile and catch up and all. SO freakin lawak. And stupid also because he's giving me too much info on stuff. Eww laaa... Then he wanted to eat air batu (It's still sounded like ICE water to me SHAN). So we walked to Jonker from DP. Blardy heels. I ended up walking back to DP from Jonker after ice kacang barefooted... cos I lazy also. Then we ended up in Havana. It's been years since I went there. So Shan drove us there and we chatted there till almost 1AM. =.=! Everytme like that one. If I hang out with either him, andrew or si ketiak, I probably will end up going past midnight. Sheesh. But I really had fun with Shan that night and I am not STUBBORN. Perception and stand are 2 different thing kay. =.=!

kay, I gotta get back to work. For real. If not Sweii's gonna be so disappointed in me and I will really hate to see that. Ta!


ShaN said...

can u recall and tell me if there's a time when u go out with me and not having fun? cos i can't think of one. =)
y la u tot ice water?
see my logic...
MAKAN --> air batu campur
MINUM --> ice water
how can u eat ice water la. =_="

Tekkaus said...

Wow! Final term already? All the best. :D

Chen said...

shan :why not la? Who say cannot eat ice water??

Tekkaus : Thanks mann!

ShaN said...

i may b a computer freak with poor english but i tot when u consume water its called DRINKING wattttt!!

ok how?

Chen said...

when it's still frozen then u can eat lorrrrrrrrrr

ShaN said...