Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Oh oh, something to keep this thing alive

Date : 5th May 2009
Time : 12.52AM
Listening to : Barry Manilow - I can't smile without you
Where : Living Hall - Malacca

Ohkay, I haven't rant for a while now. And it was entirely Adrian's fault that I started ranting cos' I read your blog. Dong Dong bro! >:( Okay, I take back the word Dong Dong.

Anyway, I hate this. I really really do. Everything was fine okay. So yeah, everything was fine until it became UNfine. Eeeek! It annoys me. I mean it's been such long time since I last talked to her you know (last christmas actuially). And then she just had to say things that are so unpleasant. Urgh. Be thankful that I hate to yell at someone and make them squirm like, like a worm that I had in my mouth from that stupid guava. Gwaarsh... Btw, it wasn't entirely her fault I guess cos' I shouldn't have spoken to her about it anywayyyyyyyyyyyy.

Actually, I am fine now. I had my best friend listened to me rant about it for about 2 minutes and then I was okay. And it did me well having that ugh conversation that annoyed for about 3 minutes or so because, I did come to my senses after that. Don't ever tell her. Until I actually make something happened. Then tell her 3 years later and then, I will be able to say, "Hah! See! That was the last! And I made it!".

You guys have no idea what I was ranting about, don't you?

Neither do I.

Honestly, This happened this morning and it really doesn't bother me already by afternoon. I just need to keep this blog alive. Yay! ^^" Good topic huh?



mau said...

my fault? huu huuuu.. ape la... but i have no idea wat ur ranting is about.. want to share with ur lil bro? i'm a good listener know? hehe..

Chen said...

Ahahaha... All your fault! Hmmph!

Tekkaus said...

Ok lar! It's my fault! Haha :D Hey, it's a good way to keep this "thing" alive huh!

Chen said...

Haha! Yes, your fault too tekkaus!