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Update #1 : A walk around historical Malacca

14th April 2006

Today, Jing Yi and Abigail (Abby) supposed to come down from Singapore. They needed transportation so I asked Juliana for help. Around 11.30AM, Juliana and I set off, heading towards MP. Supposed to go buy paints for our church’s Family Night cups painting project. Can pengsan when we found out that we wore the same shirt. The Quiksilver one… I was wearing white and hers black. We passed by this art and craft place. I went there once for pottery painting. So, I asked Juliana to make a U-turn back there. Saw some English kids there doing painting. I asked a lady there for over-glaze paints but man…super expensive ler… Cos’ the cups that we bought were already glazed one.. so if want the paints to stay then have to use over glaze paints… And it’s like 100 gram for RM123.00… That’s for gold and silver cos she only got those… Sweat* Well, we had to stick to glass paints then. And when I see the kids use the paints ar…. sakit hati man… so wasted… They squeezed tons of them and not use them fully… Give me!!! I don’t have blue under-glaze paint~! It’s like RM 13 per bottle ler! Nemind Nemind… Haih…

Then we headed straight to MP. Went to Thai Kuang. Stared and stared at the glass paints. It was all in bottled tubes, not in wide mouth bottles… in the sense that can use brush one. It’s matted sort so it’s for kids one la…The colors also mostly pastel. Had to make do with those lor… RM7 per bottle…Not big sammo… Haih~! We tried the new ice cream from McDonald. I took Mocha Cappucino and Juliana took Butter Pecans…. Mmmmm~! Nice…. And we took a seat at the main square. I read the displayed info about Christ Church. Then since it was still so early, and MP is such a boring place, and we didn’t wanna watch any movies… and mostly because the paints all summed up to RM56, I ran out of cash, we decided to visit Christ Church in the Red Square. It’s funny how Juliana and I are Malaccans and we haven’t been to the many historical places in Malacca. Yes, we went to A’Famosa and St. Paul Hill…. But other than that I think none of the rest we visited… Okay… I visited Christ Church during the Brownies and Scouters visit from Singapore which I haven’t blog about… Will blog about it SOON~!

We walked all the way from MP. Didn’t want to drive there. I decided to drive Juliana mad by refusing to cross the road without zebra crossing. We crossed the first road with zebra cross. But the 2nd one memang no zebra crossing one and I told her that I WON’T cross w/o ZC because it’s law breaking. Haha. She pulled me over to the other side and I pretended to fuss about breaking the law and stuff like that. Aiyooo~ Really cannot tahan… I even whacked her for pulling me over. I drove her nuts. So fun~! Hahahaha! Sorry Ju… I just like to see you laugh…when I irritates you with crazy stunts.

Then we walked along the pavement leading to the Orang Asli Museum… Got a name for it one la…I can’t remember…so dong man… Wanted to go see one but cis….must buy tickets. So we walked on, still refusing to cross any road w/o any zebra crossing. Hahahahaha! And yes…still kena drag by ju. Then we saw a lil’ gateway, St. Paul Hill. Not very high up la. We decided to climb. It’ll lead up to A’Famosa top. The stairs steps very high each. We joked about making a horror movie there. So tiring. No stamina liao..Stopped badminton for so long edi, since GLO. But we made it la. Very windy… very nice… Been there before. Actually, been there so many times. First time for Girl Guide’s Hiking test. Walked all the way from MGS to A’Famosa and back. The second and third time also for hiking test but as seniors. Fourth time is real crazy. It’s on Chinese New Year, with Shannon. Lazy wanna watch movie and was waiting for the time to visit Andrew in the Hospital. Dengue fever. So we climbed up. Very nice. Every time climb back there will remember Shan cos first time hear the song by David Tao. Nice song ok…. Talking about Shannon made me miss my friends ler actually…. So long never hang with them… My fault actually cos’ didn’t contact them… Haih~! I stole some flowers for Andrew. So crazy… Okok… back to Juliana and I… We went a little “off”…. We were at the inner cave. We stood by the window. Not much of a view… but suddenly she started talking like she’s one of the Portugis fella, possibly Vasco da Gama or whatever and I was to be her servant ler… Donkey she… hahahah… We started talking about the spices and stuff for trade and things like that… Sweat* Gila betul… And then I pointed at a vendor guy outside wearing a colorful shirt and said , “Sir, I think I fell in love with that guy…”…. and she went something like, “I thought you are a man!” Hahaha! Real madness man.

Then, we mae our way halfway down and took a diverge route that led to Stadhuys. Passed by another museum that looked like the White House. Then we stopped to see the well which…I failed to notice for the past 20 years. Darn dirty ler… Supposed to be historic but…errr…. nevermind…. Then we were hindered by a bunch of Malaysian tourists who took a group pic at the stairs of the State House. And a guy decided to play monk and sat in a small cave like wall cross-legged with his hands together. The friends took a pic of him doing that. I can’t help smiling, knowing that my friends and I could come up with something whackier probably. I asked Juliana what will happen if GLO ppl come down.
Ans : Definitely crash Malacca…. Since we are all so noisy.
Then we headed towards Christ Church. Awwww…. They got Good Friday service… SO shy to interrupt so we ended up watching a bunch of foreigners doing a video on the local Yellow snake there. Carried that before I think…. or touched? But I know I did touch before. Juliana don’t like snake. But I honestly find them nice. We decided to sit dowan and watch them. Then Juliana pointed out that they might be from Disney Channel cos the girls were wearing Disney caps. So, ppl…if u guys see anything about mlk and snake on Disney Channel, remember that Chenli and Juliana were nearby… Then can play “Hidden chenli and Juliana”…. Hahaha…. Okok..lame…

After that we decided to make a move. Juliana asked me about the clock tower. Wanted to eat cendol since we were so near Jonker walk and we had so much time sammo before Jing Yi and Abby arrives. But we ended up changing our mind and headed back to MP. Passed by the local swimming pool. Was wondering if A&W was still there but it wasn’t there anymore. So sad… It’s now at Central. Walking back, we talked about Cinderella. Sang some of the songs unproperly. Haha… Went to Patisfrance in Parkson but didn’t buy anything. I started to be lazy edi by then. Malas wanna walk. After that, we headed straight to Melaka Sentral. On the way there, Jing Yi messaged and said she’s 1km away. Actually, she just reached Alor Gajah toll. Haha… So blur…That’s like a few km away. It started raining. We parked at the side of the road waiting. I asked Jing Yi what bus she took and she said she didn’t know. Haha…That is like super blur ler. So funny. Then Juliana decided to off the engine and scroll down the window. So when she turned off the engine, I started to breath like I had an asthma attack. That was really funny cos when she asked me what happened I told her that she turned off my life support machine when she turned off the engine. Crap man…. -.-! She must be super stress liao…. Haha….
When they finally arrived, I went in to search for them. So glad to see them again. Jing Yi was really nice to buy me a mic and this really fantastic chocolate. Thanks Jing Yi! And yeah, the CD full of the trip down Malacca pictures. Hahaha! Gila~! Sent them to Straits Meridian Hotel. Supposed to keep them company the whole day but something came up. Really have to start on the cups already. Felt real horrible that I aeroplaned them… -.-!! Gosh…should see Jing Yi’s stare the next morning man. Sorry yea JY, Abby.

After that, we headed back to my house first. Waiting for Yen Mei to finish her class. So I played the movie “Saw”…. Can’t believe I watched that again… So horrible. I will say that it’s not as horrible as Final Destination 3. But I watched 85% of this movie ok… And make it 100% for the 2nd watch cos I saw Lawrence saw off his own leg. But honestly… I was really traumatized by this movie when I first watched it. I had to sleep in my younger bros room. Even shared the same bed with my youngest bro ler cos’ they were so horrible. Kept on reminding me about the whole movie. I didn’t sleep the whole night. Call me timid or scrady cat or whatever… Now I know why we’re not supposed to watch horror movie. That night, whenever I closed my eyes, I see scary pictures. It was really a horrible night. I promised not to watch Saw II… NEVER! And I won’t tempt myself to watch gory or ghost movies nemore. Intended to watch “When a stranger calls”…. EEEEE… Dowan liao…. Call me stupiak or whatever la. But Saw scares me in many ways. Firstly because it’s so gory. Secondly because when I see the situation Lawrence and Adam were in in that show I really feel for them ler. Thirdly because I am super duper hopeless in horror movies not to mention this is the first time I watched 100% of the show. I mean… I usually closed my eyes all the way… mostly. Stress man that night….

Okay, skip that… After Yen came, we set off to Ju’s place for Pasar Malam after trying the choc Jing Yi gave me. Hmmmm~! Very nice.... Addicted man... Haha...

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But Ju’s car cannot start… Batery kong liao... Hhaha.... I ended up didn’t go PM when Ju and Yen went. I started on the cups. Was horrible at first. Auntie Tina gave me some ideas which turned out quite well. When they came back, I ate with them before we all started on the cups again. We went back to my place for more cups. Saw Uncle Ivan’s car At Auntie Jennifer’s place so I sms-ed him to tell him that we were at Ju’s place for the cups an completed some, asking him if he wanna see them. Auntie Jen invited us over to her place for supper and she asked us to bring the mugs along. Well, when it comes to food, we won’t say No usually. Even after Ju and Yen scraped off the side icing of the American choc cake in my fridge, we still headed towards Auntie Jen’s place, carrying the mugs, walking there…. Haha… Yen joked about bringing our own mugs for drinks there. Well, the adults loved the mugs… Really glad. Baby Sarah was there! So happie! So cute! Esp. in her PJ. Carried her. She can walk d…ok…only 2 steps… Stayed there for an hour before we went back to work. We continued working on the cups. Hand pain man.... I dnno if it's nice or not.... But i guess it's ok kua.... Here's some of the cups. When all finish d onli take the pics....

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Clockwise from the top left. The verse on the cup, Yen's at work, Ju and I at work, The half done mugs, upclose pics of the mugs....

Yen left at 11.30. I left at 1 something. Left my keys in yen’s car. Tried to wake my bro up but they tidur babi one so Uncle Anthony had to fetch me over to Yen’s place for the keys. So nice of him… Went home feeling so tired… Wanted to skip quiet time but didn’t feel right so I did it anyway… I always reminded myself that if I skip once, many will follows. So I didn’t want that to happen. Haih~! It was a long day and a long post…. But I felt it’s worth jotting down…

Ok... Will update bout the next day soon~!

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