Sunday, April 23, 2006

My Treasure Box

Listening to : Wind beneath my wings (Bette Miller)

Looking Through : My memories box.

What I found : Many things. Maybe I will make a list of what I have in this...

1) Andrew’s gift (Scrapbook)
2) LCC ticket: Heaven Through the eyes of the children
3) LCC tickets : Empathy starts from our heart
4) Golden powder from chemistry lab experiment w/ Hema and Ding
5) Agnes’ gift (A blue fluffy thing)
6) Part of Easter Play script
7) I wish you Jesus lyrics for Parents Day 2005
8) Dhanya’s gift from Ireland (A silver heart)
9) Ahem… Lower 6 Minggu Orientasi tag
10) Sis’ birthday candles
11) MGC sports day 2003 invitation card
12) Say Koon’s dedication (Lantern)
13) Yikwan’s gift for MGS centennial (Carnation/card)
14) Scrap paper (Conver w/ Hoong about Survivor 3)
15) Ying’s short letter
16) Friends I Am Praying For card
17) MGSS library cards
18) Ice cream nite 2004 (MGC)
19) My 15th birthday card from Sis
20) Ikea pencil (w/ my name carved on it by Sis)
21) Mlk Butterfly park entry ticket (Bio project)
22) LCC committee tag
23) Shan’s gift (Blue bracelet)
24) Cousin’s gift
25) Congratulation card from Uncle Benny
26) Remembrance card from MGC 2005 barbeque
27) Surat tilik nasib (Wasn’t a Christian then)
28) Bookmark from MGC w/ John 15:13
29) Mark’s gift from Korea (Bookmark)
30) Jia Ling’s Mamee sticker
31) Pin’s gift’s card
32) Treasurer tag (Leo func)
33) Sis’ instruction on Pebble
34) Uncle Gary’s gift (Daisy duck statue w/ stamp)
35) Jean Nie’s friendship bands
36) A gold thread w/ earring pendant
37) Paper stars made by Sis
38) Behold The Man Easter play card
39) Yikwan’s hand made love on a stick
40) Parents Day drama script
41) Mission Impossible Camp ( GH themepark handband)
42) Mission Impossible Camp (Treasure Hunt clues)
43) Mgss 2002 camp (Remmirath bookmark)
44) MGC’s A night to remember (Name tag)
45) MGS(1) & (2) Reunion (Balloon)
46) MGC’s Ice cream nite (Dunno what year’s name tag)
47) Mgss Centennial’s collar dot
48) Sis’ sewing leftover
49) 14th birthday gifts from Sis (Small cactus & candies bottle replica)
50) Remembrance pen shared with the 4 kids from Singapore
51) A w0oden keychain from one of the 4 kids
52) A blue keychain from two of the four kids
53) Superhero Camp ( Name tag)
54) Centennial dinner’s keychain
55) Vivian’s note
56) Primary school library card
57) Coins given to me by my biggest crush!
58) Old sim cards
59) Melissa Lua’s gift (Scented wooden ball)
60) Trainer’s tag (Enventure Legion Singapore)
61) Genting haunted Adventure light stick (W/ dad & bros)
62) Genting haunted adventure light stick (MI camp)
63) Shuang’s note
64) Nat’s note
65) Hooi Siang’s note
66) Hooi Siang’s gift ( Hand band)
67) Nat’s gift ( 2 Hand bands)

68) Movie tickets

69) Yi Kwan's cross
70) Lilian's gift ( Horse keychain)
71) Sin Lan's gift (Porcelain sheep)
72) Jessica's gift (Tortoise keychain)
73) Joyce's little note in GLO class
74) OA woman Bible Study notes (Written by Hazel and me)
75) Andrew's gift (A pink hippo)

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Just a few of the items in it~!

What I feel : I feel great… Knowing that all these remind me of the great ppl and things that
I’ve met and been through. Thanking God for everything lor. I used to keep a
piece of a red raffia string from my last sports day in MGS. But I lost it. It was
rather important to me because it reminded me of the hard work that we did.
Also to remind me that we lost but we did our best. But it’s ok that it’s gone. Hmmm... what else ar? I dunno... Hehe... I need a bigger box.


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