Monday, July 10, 2006

24 hours UP... Feels like 7-eleven...

Date : 10th July 2006
Time : 4.22 AM
Listening to : Sing Noel by NEWSONG

So tired… Awake since 7.45 AM… Which means, there’s like another 3 hours plus to go before I break my own record of not sleeping for 24 hours straight. Eyes so pain… So tired!! BUT… I have to finish the stuff before I am willing to sleep. Really dowan to face another extra stressful day doing the same owner’s house. Seriously need a break. Sigh~! I can’t exactly say it’s stressful cos’ I really do enjoy my work. The only thing is that, the designs are not mine and I don’t know the colours and layout. And I have to wait and then do then wait again then do…

I am so tempted to continue with MGC’s youth t-shirt touch up in Adobe lor…. Haih… But then again… I’ll try to find time. Have to give before Wednesday…
*Rendering dry kitchen* Yawn*….

Want to sleep so badly. Still, I know I can’t sleep one la… too tired to sleep… So weird… Hmmm… Called yikwan earlier on around ten. It’s about time anyway. So many things to let her know. I thought those things were already behind… Sigh~… It still came back though.

Yesterday, which was Sunday…. I was happy for a while in church. I had fun doing the t-shirt… Then dunno why suddenly felt so disheartened. Out of a sudden. I think it all started when I decided that my drawings… ahem… were horrible in Yen’s place. Then one thing led to another. I felt guilty for not being home to finish up my work. Was really tensed up. Little Aaron was really nice to buy me an ice-cream to cheer me up. Haha… Really did cheered me up. Thank God for uncle Anthony and Juliana. If not I really dunno where to hide myself when I go home after six. Thank God that they fetched me home first.

The t-shirts design needed to be altered after we’ve shown them to some youths and adult. I still love the test tubes. All those works done by yen, ju and me. We had fun… Every single picture got meaning one. Ju is the idea director, which means, she direct the layout of the idea. Yen is the idea executer, she bring each idea to life while I am the idea interpreter, finding meanings for each idea. We do work well together.

10 minutes passed d… Now starting the office furniture. E-X-H-A-U-S-T-E-D…. Better don’t let my parents know I’m awake until now… Sheesh…. Actually… I really wonder who’s winning now… I mean, foot ball… Alaaa… Who cares la… I mean, I don’t care actually. Stiff bones liao… Change position…

Another 10 minutes. Went to check the result of the match… Errr… No football experience… Dunno who win… I think Italy… Is it ar? Blur la… Dunno la… It’s a tie I think… Whateverlaaaaa….. Kla… wanna sign off d… Haven’t do the office furn. yet… Tata!


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