Wednesday, January 24, 2007

I am mad...

Date : 24th January 2007
Time : 11.40PM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : Living hall - Mentari Court

You know... I am really tired of feeling so incompetence this term. I dunno why but i had such idea blockage i think i will flunk my subjects. And lacking of sleep is definately one issue d. I didn't sleep last night. I am super duper d duper tired. I went for figure class trying to convinced myself into believing i slept 6 hours when i only had half an hour sleep. I am definately going mad. After figure class, i had my History class with Hooi Ciat. Found out that my group got Cubism as assignment which menat we'll be starting our assignment VERY soon and which brought about the dreadful thought of sleepless nights.... earlier than i thought i would have to endure. Last term was sleepless only on days before figure class and end of term but this term... aih... I came home and slept 2 hours and woke up thinking i was late for class but i as actually 15 minutes away from rushing to meet Uncle Kevin for the Easter Day musical drama brainstorm with the rest of the church members. I was deeply in fatigue. But i was glad to be a ble to have a decent dinner. Andrew's house is in SS19 and it is very very big with 7 luxurious cars. Sheesh... Nevermind... I was too tired to notice anyway.

And thank God for Mel's internet account or i will really flunk my Design II this term. Joon called just now and i told him i didn't sleep and he didn't believe me... Come on man... My course.... i really mean it when i said i didn;t sleep. I dunno la... I am super duper tired.

Thinking about my mom now... I hope she's fine. She fainted in the bathroom last week and i went back to see her. Gosh... I really hope she'll recover asap. And crazily enough, my calligraphy class lecturers are mad to think we have the time to go around KL to get 40 additional pictures for alphabets looking stuff and she wants outdoor pictures. If i can squeeze even 3 hours of going out i am considered lucky d. I wonder... really, if they remember that we have 7 freakin classes each week and only 24 hours each day and 3 assignments for Design II and 8 figures each week not to mention our schedule so jam packed even without our Workshop starting yet. And drama! wah.... That's the only one we can have fun. I am going mad... I am going mad....

Ppl... pray for me and my bro and my friends please... Thank You....

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