Monday, January 15, 2007


Date : 15th January 2007
Time : 6.35PM
Listening to : Spirit of Love - theme song
Where : Zheng's place

Sigh... Guess what... Gary granted me permission to attend morning class. I was happy at first and then i realized that... Sigh... I don't really wanna leave actually. And i felt bad cos i think God was trying to tell me, "You want this? I give you this. Don't regret." Sigh... I am already regretting d one lo. I dunno.... Sigh... God, please don't be mad.

Last week, in our drama class, Gary asked us to look empty. Well, Amir cracked me up and we can't do the empty look. Eventually we did of course. Then, he gave us the homework to study fearful expression on movies. Alaaa... Amir, Zafri, Zheng and I even tried practicing last saturday but all ended up in failures. I got really concerned of not being able to do it. It's not just any fearful expression you know. It's Level 10 one. Adoih... Pengsan. I saw almost everyone did so well today before it was my turn. I really thought i can't pull it through. I was praying that God will help me through this and i did it. Wow... An A. I was surprised myself. Then, we had to do over the top "Happiness" acting. Liao la... Sathom did something crazy and i decided to go next in response to his acting. Gila man. Then the third part. Laughing histerically. I can't do it. I tried 3 times and it was so hard. I know you guys will be like, "What... You can't do it? Don't bluff!". No... really, i can't o it. I can't fake laughter one lor... Sigh.. Grateful to get an A-.

Now doing the summary for the History and origins of Calligraphy and letterings. Since i started class, I frequented library more often than i've been added together last term. I grouped with Amir, Zheng, Sathom, Zafri and Hai Lam in Design II this term. Somehow glad that i get to work with other people. Tomorrow going to the National Museum for research on our initial design.

Kla... for request here... Guys, drop me a message/comment to describe me and what color will i be and why? Thanks yea. Please help. For my additional research on Design II projects.


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