Monday, January 15, 2007

Back to Toa!

Date : 10th January 2007
Time : 10.41PM
Listening to : Leslie Cheung – The wind continues to blow
Where : KL – Room

Got my result on Monday. Went to check on Saturday actually, with Juliana. She came over since Friday and went back on Sunday. The result weren’t displayed… Ok… There were results displayed but I think I missed my class one. So I went home still thinking if I can get an A or A- for my Finished Art. Met with Zheng on Saturday and met up with Mel and friend for lunch in Meng Tien. Then Zheng, Juliana and I went to Sunway Pyramid, intended to atch a movie but darn expensive so we ditched the idea. On the way in to SP, we passed by Renoma shop and Zheng spotted Nicky. And we spotted him a couple of times on the phone too. Then we cabut balik rumah and I slept while Ju watched a couple of DVDs. Then at night Mel, Ju and I went to SP to meet up with Mel’s god-brother, Martin. Gahaha… Darn funny. Had a really funny conversation and many many laughs especially when we were accompanying Mel to the California Fitness sign up. We totally cracked the staff there up. Aidil, one of the senior executives there said we were the funniest ppl he’s seen that day. We each took the BMI test for fun. Cis… Only Martin is healthy. Ju and I underweight. Pig man.

Neway, Monday… Yea… Class starte. Drama class. You know how very desperate I am to attend the morning class. PPl just don’t understand. It’s not the time that matters. Nevermind. I thought I will die in drama class. Gary was so super cheeky. Sigh. Exemption to my lecturer, Gary alone. Other than that, one more joke or whatever crap from other people on that particular issue, I am going to fume. Yeah, back to my result. I went to check and I saw Amir there. It was so high up I almost break my neck trying to see my result. I saw in a glance and first I saw Design I and I got A-. Then figure I got a B then I read Fine art and I say a B. I thought it was Finished Art and I kinda knocked my head on the wall. But since I told God I will be thankful I didn’t wanna complain. Then I read again and I realized it was actually Fine art & drawing I. Phew… Overally, this is my result la.

Design I : A- (Cis…. Illustrator pulled me down)

Figure : B

Drawing : B

Finished Art : A

Comm Skill : A

History of Art & Design : A

Malaysian Studies : A-

Darn gateful to God for His graciousness. Never thought my HAD will get A. My final project of HAD, My Mona Lisa actually got a 16/20. And I can’t believe I actually got 14/15 for my figure test wei. Pengsan. Seriously blessing from God. If not, I won’t be able to get the result that I have now.

Okay, socially, doing fine. Happy to be where I am. Go class, come back. Didn’t lepak around like I did last sem.



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