Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year!

Date : 3rd January 2007
Time : 5.06PM
Listening to : Have you seen her – M.C Hammer
Where : Room

Nampaknyer, I’m still in Malacca. Ju left this morning at 5 AM. She still haven’t found her bible. Adoih. I really wonder where it is. Neway, I just finished packing. Not exactly finished la. Sigh. I haven’t done any figure yet. Really tak tau mati. Aih… What the heck. Later la.

Last Sunday, we gathered at Uncle Ivan’s place. What a day man. So much laughs and crazy talks. Two hours before new year, we gathered in the house and we had some sharing. Well, I guess what hit me most came from Ah Hwei and Geng Yi. After that, GY gave us each a gift. Thanks a lot. Then Livia shown me her room. Fuh… So ceria one. Haha. She is really one adorable fella la. And after that she gave Ju, Yen and I a glow-in-the-dark band each. Then all of us went outside and waited for the fireworks. We practiced some crazy cheering before it struck twelve. Wahaha…. Darn funny wei. It was tiring la that night. I am sure all of us had fun.

Oh yea, I forgot. I highlighted my hair red. Not that outrageous la. Haiya. Although I was shocked myself, I think it’s okay kua. On Monday, I went lunch with GY. Ju and Yen couldn’t make it. I drove. Wahaha… I dunno about GY but dunno how many times almost make a wrong turn. Andrew called me this morning. He just got back from New York. Alaaaa…. I was still sleeping. Sorry la Andrew. I know I sounded sleepy. Hehe.

Starting a new term soon. Aih… These few weeks, I was confined to the upper floor of my house due to the renovation of my front porch and kitchen. So dusty. It’s good to get away from all those drillings and noise. But still, I kinda dread going back KL. Sigh. It’s way too busy for me and I don’t like the jams and I really don’t like the absence of my family and MGC people. Now that Ju is in KL, and Hema is going in February, Yen will be the one left in Malacca. Ai… Bahagia betul. I hope I’ll be able to come back more often this term. But I know one la… TOA…. Sleep also no time, wanna travel back. Cheh….. Yen, we’ll be back as often as we could ok? Good luck in your exam!

Kla… Wanna cabut d. Ta!



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