Thursday, January 04, 2007

One last one before i leave

Date : 29th December 2006
Time : 3.39AM
Listening to : Should I stay – Dreamz FM
Where : Room

So long since I last blogged. Many things happened. Malacca was flooded. Ju, Auntie Jen and Uncle Tony’s place were flooded real bad. Mine was spared this time. Praise God. It was terrible. My family and I got away from this terrible weather and flood and ended up going Genting. I was coughing since last week. Okay, since I came back from camp. Details bout it later. Neway, we made a detour to my apartment up in KL before heading for GH. It was kinda like nice to be back. But heck, as much as I miss my course, I do not miss KL at all. Last term was like some black dot in history and I am super glad to wrap it all up and throw it away. I don’t need reminder of last term. When the new term starts, believe me, I need not slack about in Sunway Pyramid anymore. Get me scorched and burned under the sun but never will I waste my time like some stupid fool that thinks social ring is important. I get past that and I can have that in Malacca. I know I won’t be what people want me to be so what the heck, I will be a nerd like what my bro said I would be if I make a 180 degree turn. Probably I don’t make any sense here. Never mind. I just hate leaving Malacca. Wish that TOA is in Malacca sometimes but thinking about it, no… I don’t want it to be here. I cannot imagine what will happen to mix everyone up like that. It’s more than what I can handle. I can’t stand my church mates calling me Chen. I am not that a stranger to you guys to suddenly call me Chen right? You knew me as Chen Li then let me remain as Chen Li in your life. Don’t reduce me to Chen. Right, it’s just a name but for my sake, let me be Chen Li okay? It’s like me being away from home and having someone to call me that says, “Hey, Chen Li! How are you?” instead of the usual, “Chen, how’s your pop-up project?” thing. I dunno how to explain but you know, people in Malacca, make me feel at home okay? Aih… I am freakin crazy. Just now went mamak with Ju and Yen. So sad. Ju and I leaving on the 3rd and I really hate to leave.

After GH, we went back to my grandma’s place in Teluk Intan. Great food and company. Missed Christmas celebration but my family made it super memorable. They bought me a cross which cost 1300 bucks but thank God for the 50% discount. I really appreciate it. Thank you for acknowledging my status as a Christian so seriously. It meant so much. Hong Sheng asked to join him and friends at a party but I didn’t go cos I was coughing so much I lost the mood. He is the only other Christian beside me in our family. Neway, Andrew is in New York when we sms-ed each other. He was going to the Empire State building which reminded me of Sleepless in Seattle. Hehe. He called earlier one day before he left for NY. Darn glad to hear from him. Gosh, never knew that I will be so glad to receive calls from UNKNOWN caller. Cheh. This unknown caller is one of my most known friend. Have fun Andrew.

Camp was great. I dunno about others but I knew God spoke to me through Uncle Doraysamy. Sessions with him and the youth speaker were fruitful for me. Yen said I always make sense when I elaborated on Bible verses. Hmmm… Maybe. Neway, on my last day there, after morning devotion, Aaron and I had a chat before breakfast and as we walked down, before we parted, he said, “I always ask the youths, how much you are burning for the Lord?” He didn’t know but he stopped my heart for a second. I skipped my breakfast that day. I took a cup of tea and walked out to the hill side and I talked to God. He answered. I knew He was listening. The wind told me. You guys won’t understand. If you knew our conversation, you will know. I know I can go through next year shining for Him if I want to. I want to. I just need to overcome the obstacle of dislike of something first. I will. Jesus, you loved the unlovely and so can I if I yield your strength. Teach me. I want to follow. Take away my spiritual stubbornness. Hold my tongue and hands from doing evil. Let me learn to carry the cross daily.

Twenty of us church youths went for a movie together today. Night at the museum. It was great and hilarious. Hema joined us. After that, Ju, Yen, Hema, El Sen, Adrian and I went to Havana for dinner. Then Ju, Yen, Hema and I went to McD’s drive through for ice cream and stopped by the road side to eat. We had a chat. Conclusion, career first. Obviously we don’t do relationship. At least for now. This conver is needless, needless to say. It always ended the same. Then Ju, Yen and I went to Tmn Asean Mamak. The last time probably for this year… before we leave next week. Sigh. KL… Here I come again. Sigh. You are one crazy place.

Before I leave, I need to see Shan. So Shan, I am sorry I didn’t meet up with you earlier. I did not intend to ffk you whether you believe or not. (Neither do I intended to ffk Andrew) I will try to meet up with you if I could before the 3rd.

This Sunday will be the bbq in Uncle Ivan’s place. I am looking forward for it. I think our church is the greatest company I can ever get besides my family. Man, the love and care given to us is so lavish I wouldn’t trade it for money. Okay, I better sign off now before I get all jiwang. Grinz. Next year will be going trough the third year of my life as a Christian. Ain’t it great? Passport to heaven. Hehe.

Lastly, Wong Twee Wen, Happie Birthday. You are one great brother to have.




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