Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I ended my problem. *grin*

Date : 28th March 2007
Time : 5.02pm
Listening To : Zheng talking
Where : Zheng's place

Just came back from school. Sathom pulled it off man. Okay, at least one thing settled. Hehe... Ok... i actually can't believe i finished 2 A2 size figures. And i successfully drawn Dhanya and Yen Mei... Not that accurate la i must admit. Neway, really thank God i finished both figures. I was tempted sore yesterday not to finish it and just sleep. Phew...

Btw.... Good news and bad news. My problem was solved. Thank God for that. Bad news : Chen lying to herself again. But surprisingly this time, really tak rasa sakit. Dunno why. Haiya chen... early early also know i'm immune to this one la so yeah... Just shuddup. You end this chapter d. Period.

Coming back home this friday. I am glad. I need time off. Tired. Sick. Bored. Sigh.

Took a test... called Colorgenics.... You know... entah betul ker tak... Whatever.

You are tending to pursue your objectives with concentrated intensity and it would seem that whatever obstacles may come into your path, you will stick to your guns and will not allow yourself to be deflected from your purpose. You are striving to achieve recognition and what is more - you deserve it.

Most people are conditioned by their environment and you are no exception. You are an extremely emotional person - so much so that 'the wrong word' can lead you to tears. You feel other people's pain. You feel the need of sympathetic relationships and a pleasant work environment in order to develop and grow. You are an impulsive, loving individual with a great deal of inherent feeling.

The way things are at this time it is necessary to 'go slow'. All the pleasures that you have anticipated should be left in abeyance until some future date, but all is not lost, you are able to derive and achieve considerable gratification from someone quite close to you.

You are frustrated and stressed. You appreciate the finer things in life but at all times you appear to stay aloof, critical of everything and everyone about you. You will not be carried away by your emotions and you refuse to trust anyone or any situation unless genuineness and integrity can be absolutely vouched for. Therefore, you keep a strict and watchful control on your feelings as you must know exactly where you stand at all times. You demand complete sincerity as a protection against your own tendency to be too trusting.

You really would like to be completely uninhibited - to let your hair down - but you are held back by your sense of logic and rationalilty, since you realise that by simple stupidity you could lose everything - whatever that may be.

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