Sunday, April 29, 2007

I fell off the chair laughing

Date : 29th April 2007
Time : 3.37pm
Listening to : The girl who stole the star - Chrono Cross
Where : Office

Yesterday, i attended Melinda's 21st birthday. Saw Martin there and had a short crazy chat. Then i went over to Hema and Yen. Man... So long d since i last saw Hema. Yen also i rarely meet. Then Celine joined us. Wow...she changed... In a way... Hmmm... And yesterday was the first time i fell off my chair laughing. Darn lawak when we talked about our discipline teacher. Talking about it now also makes me laugh. Haha...

Took a number of cloud pictures yesterday. Today in church also. Wow...It';s really dangerous to snap pictures while driving. Don't try this at home. But the clouds formation were amazing ler.
I was the earliest in church today. They put on some curtains d. Sigh... So long d since i came back. I feel that it's long. Neway, many were not in church today. Went to Johor for the DMSJ quiz. Third place... *Grin* MGC guys noe what it means.... And i can't believe it man... Hardly anyone recognized me. Jun Yi was to speak today and he said he was nervous cos he thought there would be a visitor in the midst. Kamaaaaaaan.... Su Chen also. Rebecca also said i looked different. Ah Zheng and Adrian also! Not to mention some of the aunties in da church. Aiyo.... Like i never tie my hair back before... I wonder how i looked like last time. Only without the specs only le. Kamaaaaan..... Ah Zheng said i looked spec-less.... Dot dot dot....

Kla... cabut first! tata!!

And Rin... u get off the pagar now man.


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