Saturday, April 21, 2007

White Flag #2

Date : 21st April 2007
Time : 5.10pm
Where : Zheng's place
Listening to : Jacky cheung (Black and white)

Today was our last day as a class together. Dunno.... I am not sad or anything. I dunno if it's because i was overly stressed lately. Yesterday, i was stressed until my veins could just pop. No kidding. i got 15 out of 20 for my weekly progress for my photoshop class and i lost the sketchbook containing my job brief. On the day of submission itself. My God! That's what i said.... And i was so stressed i just cried and i can't stop. My bro came all the way from home to check on me. He is so nice. And sammo, after all the night spent doing my photoshop which i think turned out brilliant counted for nothing at all since i already lost 15 marks there d.... That's what i feel. And my copywriting test and final presentation were on the same day and my group can't finish our visual... I was so stressed out i can't even fake a smile le. I wanted so badly to just go home and skip my presentation. Pinky, my lecturer was kind and understanding enough to allow me in and out of the class to finish the stuff with Danny and Hailam. And allowed us to go last. Thank God. Still, i wasn't sure about my speech. When it was time to present, i dunno why i could talk rather fluently. We were doing panel ads for Whizz-Kidz... It's and organization that provides customized wheelchair for mobile disabled kids. Thank God man. Danny and Hailam did and excellent job with the visual. I think it's easier for me to talk about this NGO ads because like Pinky said, it's really something that's close to my heart la. But all tribute goes to God and my team mates. Pinky likes the copywriting. It took me like an hour to think of them man.... She said it's worth showing the series of ads to the next batch. After the presentation, i finally grinned. Haih.... What a relief. Haitham said, "Awwww.... Finally she has a smile on her face..."

Ok.... Regarding my title... White Flag #2... I give up. Think of me as you like... I don't care anymore. You think i need you, you are wrong. If you think my portrayal of sincerity is giving you wrong signal, i don't care. Now, don't ever think i need a guy. I love you, but not that way. Don't... Just don't do this to me if you really want me to be happy. I am tired of being misunderstood anymore okay? This will be last of me saying this. I will not and i refuse to deal with this anymore. And for others who think exactly the same thing, JUST THINK LA whatever you guys want. And DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT ask me what this is all about. Thank you. You win. I lost. I know. So be it.

I shall not blog about my horrendous final 2 weeks now. Maybe when back in Malacca. K...chao first... One more final project to do before i have to go thru another ordeal of Option to Progress... If i kena.... Sheesh....

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