Thursday, July 05, 2007

Kelong Snapshot

Date : 5th July 2007
Time : 12.15AM
Listening to : My own voice in my head saying Ratatouille!

Where : MC - Room

Ooooh...i am so going to join Ratatouille competition and i so wanna send my parents for a trip to Paris. Hoho! But dunnoe can qualify also or not. Hoho...Don't care la. Masuk saja.

Went to Kelong last month, Took a few pictures.

It was a really great family trip. Too bad Ah Wen couldn't join us. Ok then, next time i'll update about assignments. AND CLOUDS!


And rin, Laba...laba....

1 comment:

cluelessfreak said...

wei! those shots were well taken wei! syabas! i like