Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Mood Swing

Date : 20th June 2007
Time : 3.22AM
Where : Mentari Court - living hall
Listening to : We used to be friends - Dandy Warhols

We watched Lelaki Komunis Terakhir today. Danny, Rin, Michelle Junia, Christine and i. It was okay. Was addicted to the song Malaria menjajah Malaya song. Darn gila. Haha.

Neway, after Marion's class, we went to Uncle Lim. Btw, we were supposed to cross dress. Apparently. Cis...Only Chris, Zheng and i actually dress out of the norm today...Chris not really la. And David was supposed to wear sari and sathom kebaya. But didn't pull it off.

I ate cheesecake alone today. Sigh...

And then i became hyper again in McD. Attempted to steal tickets. Just joking. Rin and i finished 3 packs of fries. And an ice cream each. like usual...our ganja place...made us real sampat-ed. And was helping Sathom with the room plan and stuff. And we came to the conclusion that both of us expired liao. Haha... Nothing to talk about. So when we were about to go home, it started raining. we were stuck together with nothing much to say. Man... Prob due to him having not enuff sleep and me having pre-historic monster syndrome.... Cis.

And Manfred dude.... Don't think so much la ok. I'm having terrible mood-swing and we are perfectly fine okay. i dunno why you think i was mad or something. I am not. And you happen to not read this...aiya..i guess i have to do it face to face liao. I AM OKAY! Don't always think that i am mad or something. Seriously.

I'm supposed to do my lowchart now. But i am seriously not up to it. I'm really down in the dump. I don't like it.

How long have I stood here beside you

I live through you

You looked through me...

Ends : 3.41AM

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