Tuesday, June 19, 2007

George O'Maley, prince Char, Corbin Bleu.... Oh no....

Date : 19th June 2007
Time : 12.32AM
Where : Living hall - MC
Listening to : Songs from Bryan's comp....

Streamyx finally came. Finally. And i'm in love again. THAT GUY IN ENCHANTED ELLA! Prince Char... Ww...I'm drooling. I tell you... He, George O'Maley and Corbin Bleu have one thing in common... Their hair freakin nice wei... *Pengsan*

Okay... seriously...My dad...super keng driver. And my God...super Keng also.. I reached KL from malacca in less than 1 hour and half. Reached TOA on time. Phew... Thank God. Perspective was let off an hour early.

Okay... i really dunno what to say la. Lately, i hung out alot with Chris. Did lotsa sketching. Hoho... Chris and I came up with a T-Shirt design purely by mistake. Mistake is another form of creativity. My bro came home just now and told me Sathom drew an evil version of me. ALWAYS an evil version. What is this man? You are so not getting ur camera cables back. 10megapix! wah lao! I had an emotional breakdown seeing the camera package. All i wanted was a 7MP camera and i almost got it from dad but i rejected the offer. And now Sathom gets a 10mp!?! *Drop dead on de floor* I was darn stupiak... No..i am just plain thrifty.

I made a card for a friend today. I hope through this he may be happy being himself . The way he really wanna be i mean. So yeah...

Okay...gtg and pull zheng up from bed... Ta!

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