Sunday, June 17, 2007

Absent mindedness.

Date : 17th June 2007
Time : 9.58PM
Where : Home - Malacca
Listening to : Spanish Eyes - Backstreet Boys

Happy Birthday Thye Chuan! Hope to see you soon!

Neway, i had a great time at the wedding on Saturday. Man... Yoke Woon made most of us feel so sad when she cried. Apala Beng Hui! You started it first! Anyway, it was great la.

I had such an absent minded day today. I drove the car over the parking divider today. I wasn't feeling too well but i needed to get some stuff. I was talking to my youngest bro about some issues when i realized i landed myself in some trouble. Thank God for the help given to me by a couple of people. Wow.... Amazing. I felt so sick after that i went home and sleep.

Then I received a call from Sathom. I was too groggy to actually make out what he said. Something about me being alive and stuff. And then after that i've got an sms from someone but i can't remember. Then i fell asleep again cos i was way too light-headed. I wasn't even sure if Sathom called me or not also. Then his ringtone again. I picked up and he asked me if i was home. And something bout Zheng and visit my place to take a look at it and stuff. I dunno lae. I was so out of focus. Sorry dude. Then danny sms-ed. Until now i havent reply. No batt liao.

Mom taught me perspective today. Just a news flash. I watched Jump just now. OMGoodness... I am so in love with CORBIN BLEU! Aiyoooo...His hair darn adorable. I am dead. Officially dead now. But he's freakin young man.


DAD, happie father's day!


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