Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mister #1,2,3

Date : 28th August 2007
Time : 12.30AM
Listening to : How do you love - Collective Soul
Where : Room - Malacca

Okay, listen here mister. Dengar baik baik. What was in the past, it's in the past okay? Ish... You got no upper hand yea, friend. Hi bye is good. Love, no. Okay...this one is for Mr #1.

You, also listen ar. Don't wait. 2 years very the long ok? And 2 more years lagi long ok? And I am very very mean one ok when it comes to this thing? Friends are good. Me, not good. This is for Mister #2.

Lastly, you ar... I can replace your name with that Seymore song. Guy girl memang can be good friends ok. Platonic. We both believe that. Thank God! This is for Mister #3.

Mister #1 - we sms-ed
Mister #2 - we were on chat box
Mister #3 - I am currently chatting with you on MSN with YK

My last emo post. OK? I am going for a long fast from anger.

In a little while from now,
If I'm not feeling any less sour
I promised myself to treat myself
And visit a nearby tower,
And climbing to the top,
Will throw myself off
In an effort to make it clear to who
Ever what it's like when your shattered
Left standing in the lurch, at a church
Where people 're saying,
"My God that's tough, she stood him up!
No point in us remaining.
May as well go home."
As I did on my own,
Alone again, naturally

Alone Again - Gilbert O' Sullivan
And no... I have no suicide thought. I just like the title. Cos it suits me well.


wahlui said...

por queeeeeeee?! XD

Chen said...

what...wanna play poooooooooookeeeerrrrrrr ah?