Thursday, August 30, 2007


Date : 30th August 2007
Time : 1.55AM
Listening to : Because I love you - Shakin Steven
Where : Room - Malacca

I think I have a heart condition. Adoih.... So many days d. I slept 18 hours straight. Couldn't even stand straight. Bluek. I hate throwing up. I don't like being sick. First my mom, then my sis, then the other 2 bros also showing symptoms d.

Okay Andrew. So you are leaving d yea. Thanks for the song on the blog. Will find a day to listen to it. =) Anyway, sorry that I can't meet you. 1 more day left but dunnoe will meet not la. Projects pending like mountain. Sammo sick like cow like that. Anyway, should we not meet, you take care of yourself man.



wahlui said...

wei you why. pregnant also? XD

take care wei! go see doc if tak baik baik.

Anonymous said...

:) Should we not meet? Cannot cannot! :) I will come find you...please take care k? U going back to college is just like me going to an 'unknown' land :S Be strong~

Chen said...

Dunky : also cannot help lah....rice bcome porridge d.... At least Monkey not so bad...u dunky...very cham one noe...

Andrew : take care too!