Tuesday, October 16, 2007


Date : 16th October 2007
Time : 10.06pm
Listening to : Making love out of nothing at all - Air Supply
Where : MC-My room

Anyway........ I had a great weekend back in Malacca for Raya. Parents came to pick us up on Friday evening. It was a really God-blessed journey. No jam at all. It's a little weird considering it was a balik kampung season. But thank God it was jam-less except for the time my parents came from the main town i think.

Saturday was great. Had breakfast with my family. It was really too bad that my sister wasn't there. And it was really really too bad that I couldn't go back the week before. After breakfast, mom and I went to Klebang to meet a client. She wanted to show us a house. She said she loves the design and stuff like that. Gathering information from my mom, her house's design was done in Intericad already. But she saw this house and so she wanted us to take a look. The facade was great with a good balance of the culture stone usage. I entered the house, and i really like the glass railings for the staircase. Oh, btw...the curtains and deco not in yet. I like the bay window too. And then proceeding to the 2nd floor, I super love the family area. I liked the concept of idden closet and bath area. Other than that, it was nothing much to love about the rooms la. I was actually quite happie to see that finally I see a splash of colourful wallpaper on the girl's room. But seriously speaking, too much colours in a particular look. This house was obviously trying to go for the zen, holiday house kinda look and suddenly out of nowhere, pop out bright pink colour. -.-! The Masterbedroom was really man... Pure optical art when I entered. The bed head, super alot material lor. Really ok???? I counted got 3 I think. And the whole room, got 5 materials used. And mirror was a good accessory to make a space look bigger but when used excessively.... can memabukkan people. Sammo the bed head, they cut the mirrors into strips and alternated it with grainy wood. My mom also cannot tahan. One room 5 different materials.... and I forgot the floorboard, so make it 6 materials. The bed head, really OPTICAL ART. Imagine when the curtains and deco come in. Lagi banyak kaler.

But I must say that it's a good facade lor. And colours combi quite nice. Anyway, we met the designer. A guy, quite young. Based in Singapore. I dunnoe how many times I said I studied in TOA, he said LKW. >:| And then we proceeded to our client's place. And from the way he talked, he's out there to impress. Didn't work for me. Maybe aku pro mak aku kot. Lol... But seriously wat.... the space only got like maybe 3 feet by 3 feet and he said, "Space too small, just put mirror on the ceiling".... My mom and I went kuang kuang kuang........ Let me explain ah... First, mirror is used to make a space look bigger.... correct. I know why he suggested mirror. But who in the world will look up in a 3x3 feet space lae...sammo it's a space in between 2 rooms to masuk toilet. Secondly, it's not wrong at all to put mirror on ceiling. Not weird at all. But your con of vision, really doesn't include the ceiling in such a small space. So quite pointless lor. 3rdly, aku suggest on the wall if you really wanna put mirror.

Anyway, after that, Melinda came to fetch Ju and I to aziah's place for Raya. Wahahaaha...she pakai purple again. every year the same. And back to gossiping about our fellow schoolmates. Goodnessssss....Banyaknyer orang nak kahwin. Then later in the afternoon, we went to church for Youth meeting. Ju spoke on cursing. Check out the speech in mgcboleh.blogspot.com. Funny speech. Haha.... Then later at night, we went to UNcle Kin Boon's place for a barbeque. That was one funny gathering la. Marcus bising-ed said I tak layan him. Why you wanna go NZ??? Sedih tau.... Jeremy pun sama. Alaaaa..... Then a couple of us watched some really funny YouTube vids and who's line is it anyway. Lawak giler....And in the end, our vocab was limited to, "What was that?", " That's not good", "should I use my gun?", "Oh my gosh.... That's enormous!".... yea...and about Zamani and Chef Wan and Nawawi and Bobby Cin... My goodness...what anight...And curang song sammo... And about chickens....And alot of burnt potatoes. And the cheesecake was super nice!!!!

The next day was church service. Itu pun lawak semacam. Yen tak datang. But we had fun snap-shooting u in continuous frames. After church, I went home and rested. Mom's cooking was fabulous. Around 3.45pm liddat, I met Ju, Auntie Tina, Auntie Jen, Daniel, Melissa and Sharma in Ah Ne Ice Kacang shop. Sedap la...but portion suddenly so small...alot ppl kot. Anyway, I aak-ed Ju go Jonker cos I wanna take pictures. Have to give the cam back d...sedih man... But it was a great trip to Jonker. we walked to A Famosa and then to Mahkota Parade to see Yen. She worked in Sushi King for 2 days. She made me some sushis!!! Sedap man...Ahem...

On Monday, I spent the day doing my design method and I wanted to tear my hair out cos' I could't finish my last 2nd media implementation. Sedih.... Then today I just got back from Malacca an I am so totally disconnected from Kay-El.... Dunnoe why. Liang Feng's class was great. We have to do simplified figure!!! Kenaperlaaaaaaa....... And after class, Rin, Chris, Zheng, Diana, Sophia and I gathered in Meng Tien for a chat. Our unior Ah Fatt came and she chatted with us too. One great guy. Bubbly and talkative.

Anyway, Celine's at my place now..Gtg! Bye!


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