Wednesday, October 31, 2007

happy halloween!

Date : 31st October 2007
Time : 2.03am
Listening to : watching CSI 7 actually
Where : LH - MC

Happy Halloween people. Is it just me or what cos' I think some friends are just so unreachable. Since last time you know. Sarcasm and extreme insensitivity are like... -.-! Takper la...dowan to elaborate. Reading one of the entries just now just made me realized how mean things could be when it comes to not being in league with her. She could well be the next xia xue. Yeah...friends we are. But I am glad we don't meet very often, sad to say.

Don't know what I'm rambling about. SO I will drop the subject now. Anyway, thanks Daniel for asking about my ankle. All is well. Still walkable. But my kaki senget d... SO I guess I won;r be able to play captain ball in a while.... Anyway, on how I 'beget' this injury... I went for this captain ball friendly match between 6 churches. It will be ongoing for 7 weeks. Last week was the 2nd week. So yeah...I guess I played too hard kot.... So long since I played. But I had fun...especially when it comes to the food excursion. :) Oh, and yeah, I met Hazel and CK there. How exciting. But I was really frustrated that I couldn't walk properly. I just hate it because it happened on the same ankle and the same spot 4 times already and I don;t like feeling helpless.

Anyhow... thanks to Zafri, he sent me to school on Monday. And also thanks to Zheng, she massaged the injured ankle. Halloween function was in TOA on Monday. I didn't quite enjoy it. Something happened and it wasn't like it meant anything to me but just don't talk to me about it. I washed it off my hands some time ago. I saw it and if I kept quiet about it, don't have to tell me about it cos' I just think that whatever that I do, it seemed wrong. Because I am overly sensitive right. Don't remind me. But at the end of the function , I had fun with some pranks. Lol... Pinky was one of the victims.... heehee....

It is just so hard to be in the situation where you don't trust a person that you care about.


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