Saturday, November 03, 2007

Happy birthday sista!

Date : 3rd November 2007
Time : 11.28pm
Where : LH - MC
Listening to : grass cutting machine thingy... -.-!

Anyway, first of all... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! To my beloved sister of course. Too bad I couldn't online and wish her yesterday cos I wasn't home.

Secondly, GET WELL SOON!!!!! To Thee Jhin... Hope that you will recover asap and then can go eat McD. Haha....

Thirdly, why do you have to answer that? I was 16 and I was crazy and I live by that question. No one got it right and what the heck is this and you got it right? Okay, there's a friend that got it right but that's beside the point. -.-! See.... Now the question is dead and I am so empty inside now. Don't ask me why cos' i really dunnoe why.

Lastly, I bought Wacom Bamboo Fun!! Woohoo! So exciting!
Cool huh? Finally my first tablet. heeheehee.......... Aiyooooooooo.... I contemplated for so long that Sathom had to slap me. And I called my dad and he said just buy lor. Waaaaaaaaaaaa....And weirdly enough I tried to stop him from asking me to buy it. I must be the weirdest person alive.

Anyway, my friend, I am glad to know you better. I hope you will one day recover and then we won't be that super d duper weird. Lol.

Alright now...gtg! Ta!

OH! And Christine staying over! Gwarshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! I miss her!


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cluelessfreak said...

oooooooooooooo tat wacom