Thursday, November 08, 2007

I just want out

Date : 8th November 2007
Time : 11.59pm
Listening to : Always in my heart - Moffatts
Where : Tanyus' place

It's so tiring to work in front of the computer for hours and for days. It's not that I am stressed yet. But my left shoulder is killing me.... Anyway... Typography class was good... Yeah... It seemed that people like the work that I don't fancy most and she didn't consider the one that I like. But I am okay with that. I have no idea why I always talk about typo class. K... Design Method was good. Digital Design... didn't have any problem in class....but the final is really tiring to the max. I guess I can finish my work at the end of the day but.... Nevermind. CGPP.... -.-! The last assignment I made up for the 1st... I got 97% I think. Visual Fundamentals is fun and I love Liang Feng's class actually. Next week I'll have 2 tests for 2 subs...

And lately, I am having really weird mood swing. I am so sorry...terribly sorry to everyone. If I've lashed out at anybody, I am sorry. And sometimes I will just lighten up and be happie about stuff. And I dunnoe how to describe my spiritual condition now. As long as I am in TOA, I can never ever get out from this issue.

And you have no idea how much I want to be out of this issue. You are my worst nightmare and yet my greatest dream.


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