Friday, December 14, 2007

My dear Schnauzer

Date : 14th December 2007
Time : 5.05pm
Listening to : Slow Jam - Usher ft. Monica
Where : Malacca - Room

Okie... Finally back in Malacca. On Tuesday, had a Karaoke session with Chris, Zheng, Rin, Danny and Sathom at Red Box. Bumped into CK there. What a coincident. Anyway, wasn't really that excited about the whole thing at first but after a few songs, things got better and I enjoyed the time spent there. But after that I had to rush home cos my uncle was there to pick me up d. I have no idea why I felt so sad leaving out of the sudden. I hugged everyone but Zheng extra long. I seriously cannot explain why. I guess this term had been rough for both of us. And I truly hope that she will be able to get out of this mess... maybe it wasn't meant to be a mess anyway. Things just can't be explained sometimes. Neither can I explain mine. Well, anyway, I am glad I am back. Lol...I also cannot explain to Chris why I felt so sad upon leaving... Man...See you next year sounded long I guess....

And so my lil cousins merajuk when I was in my uncle's car. About not onlining and not visiting them..blablabla...You know..stuff like that. Well, anyway, I've got a new dude at home. It's a schnauzer. Supposed to get a shihtzu but...yerrr.... so ah girl type. Doesn't suit my bro. And I prefer this dude. Well...It's hard to handle this fella. But yea... I guess it will do me good somehow. And I just placed an order for the new comp... Wow..such randomness...

Well...anyway... more anyway.... I dunnoe what I am saying here. So yeah... I will be helping out with the children english tuition in church tomorrow. Ok...SO random too... I guess I really haven't got much to say... And yeah... I met up with Shannon yesterday and I am glad things were well. I guess I was paranoid about things not being okie and stuff. Will meet Shan and Chuan again tomorrow nite for dinner. If everything goes well that is.

ok...I think dat's all. Man...How weird is this....


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