Tuesday, December 04, 2007

My family portrait

Date : 4th December 2007
Time : 8.32pm
Listening to : Ambience sound....lol
Where : MC - LH

What a day.... Pinky called and I rushed over to school for her class. The 1st term for Comm Skill was having a drama. And it was good. And I had quite a chat with the juniors. An interesting lot. And then, I left at around 1.30pm and headed for William's place. Printed the typo final posters there...Goodness...The whole subject cost me more than rm150 bucks.... not to mention CGPP sammo...One project already rm140.... Pengsan... And then I went for Visual Fundamental class... Had our final test there...I actually enjoy simplified figure a lot... Minus the stomach ache, everything went well. After class, Chris and I yam cha in Meng Tien while waiting for my parents to come. We have a dinner date. I called my bro and then we went off to meet my parents, my sis and Raymond. Ate at Buffalo Steak House. My goodness... My family really funny la...especially my dad. So lawak... All kinds of funny funny jokes and statements and actions... Cannot tahan. Laughed until almost got choked. My mom also. Haha... Man..I love my family. Too bad my youngest bro not around. He's spending his holiday in Teluk Intan.

Well, about the previous issue I was dealing with, I may complained a lot sometimes and a lil' paranoid but I am actually doing really well. I guess the hurting part went away after 4 days from that "eventful" day. Recovery rate was so fast and I really thank God for it. It kinda boost up my confidence though. Aih...But I don't wanna say for sure if things may backfire or not but things appear to be good. Just a little more self-control and things are going to be fine. Besides, I will not dwell on something that will not be fruitful. And I definitely will not stay stagnant here. Strange enough, (and yet I am not surprised), I am much happier now compared to that one year of silence. Who else should I thank except for God alone right? So many times He spoken to me in various ways. Even telling me that I have permission to speak for myself. In everything, I will praise God for all His goodness. When I come back next year, I will be totally purged from this issue. Ugh~ I hate one way street. o.0 No worries though, I really still care for this friendship. Don't misunderstand. :)

Anyway... I have to go. I will see you Malaccans on Friday. Ta!

I have one great family...


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