Monday, December 31, 2007

When this year ends

Date : 31st December 2007
Time : 1.13pm
Listening to : My dog running down the hallway
Where : Malacca - Living Hall

It's that time of the year again. The very very last day of the year. Now, usually, I will feel really nostalgic about stuff and I will reflect back on the whole year. say for example last year 31st December 2006. I had many things to reflect on. I went to my first Bible school. Spent almost the whole year doing crazy things with Ju and Yen. Welcomed a family member to the family of Christ. Great Barbeque night. And many other things. It's quite a sad thing to know that another year will be ending.


This year is different. Except for these couple of weeks I spent in Malacca and of course some of the events in KL, I have no qualms about leaving this year as soon as possible. I don't know. It's not that the whole year was that bad that I will settle with the phrase
paint it black
or something along that line. Definitely not. But still, I just can't wait to leave everything behind. Of course, I will take a few things with me.

Well, ANYWAY... I promised to blog on my holiday in Malacca. So here goes.

Okay, for my entire holiday here, I've spent a couple of days (randomly) with a few friends. The first night that I came back, I met up with Ju in Taman Asean's mamak. Yen couldn't make it. The 2nd night, I met up with Shan. In Taman Asean mamak. Again. And the next day, I spent the night watching the christmas practice and then in Taman Asean mamak... again. I had to miss meeting SHan and Chuan on one weekend due to my incapability to walk. And I spent quite a number of my days here in church, helping out with the practices. It was hilarious and totally crazy. And on one Wednesday, Ju, Sharma, Livian, Melissa, Yen and I spent our afternoon decorating the church. Climbing up the ladders was a challenge. Yes, afraid of heights I am. So it is not a laughing matter when Sharma or Livia fooled around. But the outcome was fantastic. Yen helped to hang the little presents. Ju and I made the dough glittery deco the day before. It was tiring but fun. And I wanna thank everyone who helped with the deco. I earned the name Tutera that day. I am a party planner in Discovery Chanel. SO, I am David Tutera.

Ok, for the rest of the week before Christmas, I spent the time wrapping gifts and hanging out with Ju and Yen occasionally though not much. Mostly in church for the practices. And I spent the weekend before Christmas with Thye Chuan, Kah Joon, Ding and Kim Kiat. It was Saturday. I went to the children's christmas party in church late. It was such great fun although the time that I spent there wasn't much. Uncle Alan was such a COMEDIAN. Even the adults enjoyed the show that he put up. A little boy was quite fascinated with my camera and he is adorable. But I could see the potential in him to be mischievous. Ans halfway thru the program, Uncle Anthony called me and tiold me that my friend was finding for me. Wahaha. Thye Chuan nampaknyer. That amoeba. But anyway, he had to wait for awhile. I finished with helping the kids to answer some stuff before I took my leave. Said goodbye to a couple of people and Uncle Kian Boon gave me the usual hug and I managed to disturb Daniel for a bit. Joon were waiting in the car. Shan couldn't make it. And we headed to Kota mamak. Anyway, we met a lot of ppl there. Christina and Sitham, wee liang and kelvin. But I talked to Chuan about the design industry while waiting for ding. Kim Kiat and Joon were talking about football which did not interest me at all. Then Ding came and 3 of us talked about movies and stuff. Then 5 of us went to Jonker. I followed KK's car and this stupid fella extorted us of money when KK parked the car. Never mind that. Then we met the rest in Jonker and we kinda split after that. KK and Joon went off somewhere... again. And Chuan, Ding and I just hung out together lah. Lawak betul our conversation. We ate fried ice cream which we exchanged when we got bored of the flavor. Ngok betol man. And Chuan and I had this stupid ketiak fights that sent all of us laughing like crazy. Anyway, we bumped into Ee Jin, Melissa, Elaine and Collin which I usually refer to as Nilloc. nilloc ni..bising jer. Haha... Anyway, it was such a long time sice i met mel and elaine. Well, anyway, after a while the 5 of us ended up in malim's mamak. Chuan, ding and I walked back to my place and along the way, X-Tiak was born. Chuan's creation. Bodoh. Lawak giler. Then Joon and KK joined us at my place for a while. Then they cabut-ed.

Christmas was great. I spent my Christmas with my family (mom's side) and a couple of dad's friends. It was so lawak. and Richard, my bro got really gila. And we switched gender for a while. haha. And us cousins had so much fun together. And our small little christmas trees almost got swallowed up by the presents. And barbequed food were fantastic. We watched the moon rise from behind the hills. It was so beautiful. It's just perfect. No words to describe the night. And I am really glad that my church's event went fantastically well too. The next day we went to Genting and I was handed the job as "guardian" for the children. As usual. I mean, I couldn't remember since when the task was handed over to me. It's been like forever. But dah biasa dah. Sometimes could be frustrating but most of the time fun. We started off with 9 of us. But 2 went off to joing my bro for AVP2. Then 7 of us went for the roller coaster rides and man... it was such great fun. We sat corkscrew once and cyclone twice. The queue were long and it was freezing! But only my family and my dad's friends stayed for the night. The next morning, my sis, mom and I went shopping for cny's clothes. I couldn't possibly find time to do so in KL.

Ok... 3 days ago, I had a date with my former classmates, Evelyn, Mel, Chenli (Ngan) and Ding. But I was 1 1/2 hour late cos my mom suddenly wanna date me. Wah... pengsan. But anyway, we bumped into Juliana in Satay Celup place. It was great hanging out with these people again. I mean, I was still the same old crazy, laughing non-stop, cracking lame jokes wong chen li. It's just great to be back.

Then on saturday, I brought Hong Sheng to church. And we had a great time discussing the christmas event. That evening, I wwalked my dog and had a trrible time running away from that freaking big dog that squeezed out from the gate. It was so annoying and I think Jackie almost died from running. Idiotic betul. I had to stop running and stared at that dog in order to stop dat dog from chasing us. Freak. Anyway, I spent the rest of the evening with Shan, Chuan and Mel. It was just a small gathering where I managed to touch Chuan's new silicon. hahahaah! And his new wife the ipod touch. Bah. Anyway, it was great to hang out at Mel's place again.

And yesterday's Sunday worship was great. It's been long since I sang the song I Come to You. Touching it is. And I met the newcomer, Albert. Uncle Kian Boon gave us a Christmas present each. Had a crazy time in church too. As usual, I was persuaded to take medicine to stop my craziness. Then we had a discussion on next year's activities. Then Ju, Yen and I went MP. Ate sushi. As usual..say wanna take a few bites only and we ended up spending 60 plus in total. Gluttons. And we discussed on the RBS and Amazing race activities. Then walked around before settling in Starbucks. yen got coupons. Thank God and her of course. Then we went over to Dataran. Bumped into karen. Chatted for a while. Then around 6++ I cabuted home. And was so exhausted. Watched the movie Alfie (starring Jude Law) and then did my quiet time then I dozed off.

And here I am...blogging. In a while I will be watching a movie with my cousin and Shan. The year is ending and tomorrow is a new year.

A fresh new start.

Anyway, no pictures will be uploaded. I kinda malas.

Adios 2007!


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