Friday, March 28, 2008

I am 1% smarter

Date : 28th march 2008
Time : 1.25AM
Listening to : Nothing
Where : MC - Room

I've been reading. Reading back my 8th journal.

Date: 30th July 2005
Then I was rather stress also. When I thought about my math, I really wanna die you know. I even thought of dropping out of school.

I was in Form 6 then. And to think math could make me this stressful even though I really like math. And now, math is nothing compared to Action Script 3. Somehow I feel 1% smarter everytime I got a script right. (Quoted from Chris) Like just now, I figured out why my script didn't work. It's the doink "maximum character" in the inputTxtMC. DOTS... Bodoh. 2 hours for that stupid silly discovery. That's why I feel 1% smarter. Now I need to figure out why my score is not accumulating in the script.

Dear Lord...=.=!

Think AS3.0 gonna haunt me like math. Love it but can't do it. Menangis aku. Sammo the diamond thingy really... Akan aku menjajahinya satu hari nanti. Aku tau BM aku salah..But I forgot the word for "conquer...So menjajah. HHEHEHEHEHE.

Aku gila semacam. Oooooh... And thank God for Design method class. Idea was approved.

kk... I have to figure out the score thing liao. Somehow things look hopeful after the 1% smarter incident.


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