Thursday, March 27, 2008


Date : 27th March 2008
Time : 2.00AM
Listening to : One More Night
Where : MC - Room

Well, patience didn't kick in for some time now. Tend to just ignore a lot of things being said to me. If I feel like not replying I will just keep quiet and not say a thing. Sorry man Sel. Today was just one heck of a tiring day so when you joked and stuff I just couldn't communicate back. I guess some things need to be learned again and again until I finally get the grasp of it. And patience is something that I need to deal with, not to mention faith. Well I guess most of the time, (apparently) I appeared to be optimistic. But faith is not equal to optimism. But thanks for the prayers and all. Been working on the book of Ezekiel again after suggesting to Yen on the book of Daniels. This time, I am going to finish it. You know, it's been truly refreshing to read again. The Bible I mean.

Lately. religion had been quite a topic. For instance today, we had a discussion of Christianity, Islam and also Buddhism. No Hinduism. We don't have any Hindus around. And it was quite a discussion. And again, as usual, I made the point that the major difference between Islam and Christianity is the status that we believe Jesus is in. And again, Jesus is worth believing in for as God, He came down to die for my sins. So yeah, and hence Passion of Christ topic when Zheng and I went home. It just came out of nowhere and again, Christianity came up. So I shared a lil' bit more on that.

And I think things took a good turn when I tried to break away from the thoughts of me being beyond help and all. And though prayers had been for the same things over and over again, I'm allowing God to speak to me through His word. Usually it was always me that talks and not allowing any room for His word to come through. I admit I still feel abit stagnant right here but the clog is clearing up. And yea, again, patience should kick in soon or else I prob will feel heat up my spine again.

I wouldn't say it was because of stress la ok. Just that I've been giving in to my cranky mood and all. And now I am having idea block. Guess I better sleep it off for a while. And thanks, really, people for praying. Very much needed. On my part, I will keep working on it.

Dunnoe why. I sounded like someone else right now. Weeeirdddd....

Btw...regarding my previous post, it was so early in the morning and I get cranky. But I still stand by what I said. I don't like that word.


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