Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The F word really makes me wanna slap someone.

Date : 25th march 2008
Time : 2.33AM
Where : MC-Room
Listening to : I really can't help it...It's somebody's status

I just have to blog about this. I can't stand it running in my head for so long. I mean yeala, it's her status she can put whatever she wants but =.0... Ugh...I am so sick of it. So over-saturated with the F word and sorry to say..I hate it so much. It's like 4 in a sentence and I think I'm going to faint everytime I open MSN main window.

I had a crazy thought of blocking her. =.=! I am definitely crazy liao. Just so I don't have to see lest I think badly of someone. Ugh~! If you happen to read this, it's not your problem I guess. Just me. T.T I am so miserable right now. I wish I could be as selfish as I can and force you to take that down but obviously, I am mad. So, ignore me. I just want to rant about it. Dang... I really think that is pretty crude.

I really... cannot tahan. I am so serious about freedom of speech. But now I am really wondering about the freedom of sight. =.=! And please, don't come telling me (anyone at all) that everybody is entitled to put whatever they want. COS THIS IS MY BLOG AND I WANT TO RANT ABOUT IT!

[emoe queen right]


Anonymous said...

Subarunyon: I somehow end up here from tanyus' blog xD; btw if you want to try Trillian, you can "block" your friend's display name by just assigning a nickname to him/her =)

Altho Trillian comes at the cost of not being able to automatically view your friend's new display name. For some reason the display name is always stuck on the one they used when you installed the program.

Oh and you cant use file transfer optimally... sounds like it's a bad program but if you mainly just chat (with text) like me, it's a lifesaver, dont have to open yahoo, msn, and irc separately xD

Chen said...

Lol, thanks man. Tanyus friend yea? I was just ranting. Guess lacking of sleep made me super cranky. But thanks a lot yea.

cluelessfreak said...

hey hang in there! shall keep u in my prayers! u just have to dig out the patience in u. if u can't take it, ask the Lord for help. i bet praying will make it much better.miss ya!

Chen said...

thanx man! Definitely helps. The staying up late is killing me.