Sunday, March 30, 2008

I am not the other girl.

As in 11.20PM now... I am directing this to you.

Do not refer to me as the other girl. As much as I really love you as a friend, don't call me that. Get a proper study before implying that on me. And I have nothing against you. I just want to let you know, I really don't fancy you saying that. And I guess you've never trusted me to be over it huh?



I don't know what is wrong today. Why should I get from 2 parties I wonder.

You just have to test me uh? Don't come and tell me you are not. Try to recall back earlier this year when I said I have nothing to say and you told me you are going to go for a smoke for awhile. I said go ahead and you went, "wth?? You just gonna let me?" What do you want me to say? Don't do it? I've stated for so many times I really don't fancy my friend taking up smoking. Wasn't that enough? You want me to beg you so you won't start? You want me to tell you not to cos' your have asthma??? You want to know if I care?!?! I bet you can't remember when I said don't laugh anymore cos' you could hardly breath. I bet you can't remember when you crossed the road without looking and made me feel like you might be hit. I bet you can't remember I asked if you are safely home after your flight. I bet you don't remember. And now you have to come up with a joke telling me you got into a fight and ended up in the hospital? I was just asking an innocent question. If you are home or not.

No, seriously tell me. Did I make such a bad, terrible, unreliable friend that you don't trust me to care without telling you verbally? Don't tell me I am too sensitive. NO. You are INSENSITIVE.

Do you even care if one day I really don't care anymore? I bet you don't care. I will not hurt you anyway. Since I am such a terribly unreliable friend.


I am really sorry. But I am just so annoyed and upset with both of you right now. Don't bring this up. Then I will be fine.

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