Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Date : 1st April 2008
Time : 4.28AM
Listening to : Buy Me A Rose - Kenny Rogers
Where : MC - Room

Why is it always so hard to tell the truth. Sometimes I wonder if I did the right thing tonight by telling you the truth. I appreciate that you mentioned, "I will not lie to you". And though we clarified many things, I went home feeling that I've done wrong again.

Good friends tell each other the truth. But I didn't mean to put you down or make you feel guilty. Sigh... You know, one whole shot telling you how mad I was yesterday and the term before may be inappropriate. AIHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH~! Sorry man. Have to get it off my chest. Don't wanna stay angry forever. And really, please please please don't be upset.


Have a new addition to the family. A hamster. Hope it stays alive.


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