Wednesday, April 02, 2008

A date with Shaun~!

Date : 2nd April 2008
Time : 9.13PM
Listening to : Some unknown songs
Where : MC - Room

I just finished my Quiet Time actually. I was moved by God's love for us. And no, it's not about ow Jesus died for us and all that. I pretty sure a lot people know that. But as some of you have already known, I've been doing on the book of Ezekiel. Today, this caught my attention.

You have profaned me among my people for few a handfuls of barleys and scraps of bread. By lying to my people, who listen to lies, you have killed those who should not have died and spared those who should not have lived. (Ezekiel 13:19)
I will save my people from your hands. And you will know that I am the LORD. (Ezekiel 13:23)

So yeah. I don't know why I felt God's love for us in these verses. Well... Hope it does the same for you guys. ^^

Had our presentation for web design final project today. I would say everything went well. Thanks to our love lecturer and tutor, we've had our share of fun and stress (good one prob) this term. :) And then the whole class (minus Judy) together with Danny, Zheng and Kelvin went for a really late lunch at Paparich. Man.. What a lawak time that we had there. Weird conversation and all. And then... I came back home and check on lil' Hammy (He has lotsa name I tell you) and he's still shy and all. Bah... hamsters are like that. And I miss my white mice. All 23 of them. After that, i went for a nap. And suddenly, somebody called me. Shaun. But it was Ah Hwei who was talking. Line was breaking and she was laughing and was very excited. I couldn't mak out what she was trying to tell me. I only caught something like, "Shaun decided....*break*...hahahaha... we need you ....*break*...." And I went..." Err...okay..why don;t u text me"..and she said ok. After we ended the call, I zonked out again. After a while, I received a message from Ah Hwei... I read a lil..Haven't even finished reading before a Klang number called. I was stunned cos' from whatever lil info that I gathered (plus my sleepiness...everyone knows that no one should interrupt my sleep cos I get really blur), I'm supposed to be Michelle Tay that knows Shaun for 7 years and I am to be shocked. That is all. I repeat...that is all that I gathered. But I answered the call anyway. It was from FlyFM. And what the heck. I don't even know what was Flirty@10.30PM. But surprisingly, I went along with the flow very well and it was hilariously funny I tell you. Guess Yen will record it all down. Let me tell you what happened actually.

Shaun and Hwei naik gila and decided to just fill in the form for fun. They never tought that they will actually be chosen. Basically, this Flirty@10.30 is for Jules and Prem (FlyFM) crew to help anybody that has a crush on somebody to confess on air. So the Crusher will fill in the form and put in the name of the Crushee and hope for the crew to actually choose them. And both of them fill the Crushee's name as Michelle Tay. WAHAHAHAH! Uncle Tony's 7 year old daughter. But they stated that they knew each other for 7 years and Shaun is actually 18 year old. Same as Michelle. =.=!

So, what started out as a joke turned out to be a REAL joke. Cos FlyFM really called Shaun and they will call Michelle also. So Shaun and Hwei terpaksa find one person to stand in as Michelle. And they chose me... Cos they said I'm the best one to do all this. So when they called, as I mentioned earlier, I was really blur. But thank God for Gary's class I actually played Michelle in 11 years to come pretty well. It was so funny I was literally laughing through it all. And Shaun was at the other end listening to it with Hwei and I guess the rest of the Lim's family. =.0 Some highlights of the conversation.

Fly : There's a guy who wants to date you, can you guess who's that?
Me : Hmmm... Well..there's always Michael... there's always Jackson...
Fly : *Laugh* You're funny. Aren't they the same person?
Me : Yea... HAHAHAHA!

Fly : Are you single?
Me : Yea.
Fly : Currently liking anyone?
Me : Hehehe...err... yeah....
Fly : Mind telling us?
Me : Err... No...
Fly : Ok..nevermind. Who do you think wanna date you? He knew you for 7 years already. Cute...(At this point i wanna puke d..Shaun..cute???LOL!)
Me : HAHAHAAHAHAH! Okkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk~!
Fly : You know?
Me : I guess it's Shaun?
Fly : Yea!! What are you gonna tell Shaun?

Ok... the content is something like that but it's not the exact words la har... Then they put shaun on the line and oh God... Listening to dat Shaun talking I could tell he's gonna laugh his ass off. Bop Bop!!! I should have said that and add spice to dat right?!?!?! Hahaha! It was so funny. I more or less could tell by then that you are poking fun of Michelle again isn't it? Lol... You made a promise to her dad... What a joke. Hahaha... And then Fly said...

Fly : Is Shaun the one you had a crush on?
Me : Err...Yea...
Fly : Are you saying dat because Shaun is on the line?
Me : Nooooooooo....
Fly : Ok, Good!

HAHAHAHAAH! Crap... Can life be more lawak than this? But anyway, if I could get any recording on the conversation, I will post it up. What a way to wake me up. Aduhai... Hwei..Shaun... You two memang ar... Speechless lah. And Shaun you are not the only one finding it hard to say cheesy stuff ok. And I am so not Michelle Tay Chen Li. Nama saya Wong. (Yeala Hazmer...Ketawa ler) Fuh..Lawak... And the crew said they find us funny and in fact the funniest one. That is if I didn't hear wrongly la. And asked where we are studying... Itula Shaun... 18 tahun yer..SPM pun belum ambik... Lerr... And Shaun said we are stand-up comedians. LOL. Betul jugak yea. In church also gila semacam. Liao~!

Btw..will post pic on Zheng's BD soon!


mau said...

AHAHAHAHAHAH~~~!! My sister has a boyfriend... er... wait... My older sister got a boyfriend who's younger than me... Wakakakakakaka AHAHAHAHAHAHA Lawak giler la.... Ahahahaha..... Congrats on ur new boyfriend... ahahaha

Chen said...

LOL... Yes yes...finally hor. Living up to my name... Pedo betol...

mau said...

bagus bagus... at last u know that u're a pedo.. ^ ^ haha... bagus bagus...

Chen said...

lol..mmg dah tau dah...

mau said...

bagus bagus... keep up the good work.. ^ ^ ahahaha